Andrew Fearing is an associate editor of the Ministry.

I CONSIDER it an honor and a privilege at this time to speak for my fellow Min­isterial Association secretaries when I say that in our presence tonight is a man of spiritual stature who has had much to do in influencing our lives. He has been, through all these years, a completely dedi­cated, committed, and consecrated minis­ter. His Biblical scholarship, his passion for souls, and his friendship with all his fellow ministers have strengthened and en­couraged our lives for all time.

Before many of us knew him, Roy Al­lan Anderson was prepared, developed, and used by God in successful evangelism throughout the Australasian Division. From there he was called to the city of London. People of London today remem­ber him with great affection. In church after church that I visited in the London area I was informed that this was Pastor Anderson's church or they were Pastor An­derson's converts. When I visited the large Holloway church I was told that this had been Pastor Anderson's evangelistic center. Affectionately they pointed to the pipe organ and told how he loved to sit down at the console and play. It was from that ros­trum that he led his large choir and preached the message he loved.

Shortly after his arrival in the United States of America he was invited to head the department of religion at La Sierra College. He accepted this responsibility and felt it was a great opportunity to train evangelistic theologians. Many successful soul winners of the present time recall those days of their early training. After four years at La Sierra College he was called at the General Conference session of 1941 to asso­ciate with Elder L. E. Froom in the Min­isterial Association. He was particularly to foster evangelism and to give a more effec­tual field training to our theological stu­dents the world over. Nine years later at the General Conference session of 1950 he was invited to be the secretary of the Ministerial Association and editor of THE MINISTRY magazine.

He is truly a man of unusual spiritual stature, an outstanding exponent of doc­trinal and expository preaching, but most of all a humble servant of God, deeply in love with his Master and desiring to serve Him faithfully.

It has been a great privilege for us to have been closely associated with him in the Ministerial Association. Our own min­istry has been strengthened, our souls have been warmed, and our lives blessed by this association and communion. We have ap­preciated his balance, his counsel, his friend­ship, his prayers. He will never be forgot­ten.

He is going to be missed by all of us. We here in this General Conference pre-session wish to express our appreciation for the twenty-five years of dedicated minis­try he has given to us, his fellow ministers.


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Andrew Fearing is an associate editor of the Ministry.

September 1966

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