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October 1966



By the staff of the Ministry.


Isn't It Time to Wake Up?

The monthly shepherdess column


Singing Evangelism

The evangelistic song service


Good Pastoral Practices

Here are a few of the things that I have observed which seem worthy of sharing.


The Grave of Wasted Genius

Enhancing the ministers' usefulness.


Ideas for Making Your Communion Service Beautiful and Meaningful

Are you deeply burdened for those in your congregation who need to be elevated in thought, purified in heart, and transformed in character?


the Sons of Trial

Brothers of the King--5


Lincoln and his Pastor

A look at their relationship


Is Your Church Adequately Protected?

Have you ever considered how prepared your congregation would be for a fire in their church?


How to Secure Decisions

The minister's commission from His Lord may be reduced to four words go,teach, make disciples.


Four Years' Continuous Evangelism in the English Midlands

Public evangelism in the British Isles.


Church-Coordinated Evangelism

Resources available to you.


Helping Hands

Adventism and Alcoholism


Heresy of the Uncommitted

Are you a workman or just a worker?



The need for spiritual fire


Great Grace--Great Power

The power of the Holy Spirit.


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