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January 1967



By the Ministry Staff.

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"We Had to Fight to Be Here"

To bible instructors

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The Sons of Contrast

Brothers of the King-7

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The Healing Ministry of the Hospital Chaplain

The medical ministry.

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The Balance of Power

A New Look at the Advantages of Vegetarianism

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The Message and the Mysteries

Preventing the desire to speculate concerning holy things.

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The Challenge of Buddhism

Teaching the principles of Christianity to the Buddhist

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Autumn Council Impressions

A look at our fall council meetings.

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A Plan that Works!

An effective way to study scripture.

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Uganda Accepts the Challenge

A review of meetings in Uganda

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Exemplary Ministerial Conduct

The secret to this power.

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Puzzled Youth

Dullness and the pulpit

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Lessons From a Recent Discovery

A discovery of interest to all students of prophecy.

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How to Fail in the Ministry Without Really Trying

Time-tested rules for nonsucces

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"Have Ye Received the Holy Spirit?"

The role of the Holy Spirit in Ministry.

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  Worldwide Revival and Evangelism


  Is Rome Changing?

The monthly viewpoint column.




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