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A.C.F. is an associate editor of THE MINISTRY.

A DISABLED ship towed into port may be safe but not sound—safe in port but not seaworthy. And so it may be with many newly baptized mem­bers. They have had a courtship, have been "mar­ried" into the church, and a period of adjustment follows as they develop into strong, Bible-loving, soul-winning Christians.

It is possible to present scriptural truths warmly and logically, to prepare well for baptism, and yet lose out in building new people into strong church membership. They have come from all walks of life, non-Christian and Christian. The door to spiritual understanding has been barely opened. The lifetime work of sanctification has only begun. They must grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.

We are therefore very grateful to the Review and Herald Publishing Association for their thoughtful arrangement, making available the ten-volume Sev­enth-day Adventist Bible Commentary reference set at a greatly reduced price to new church mem­bers, new ministers, and newlyweds. The seven volumes of the Commentary, the Bible Dictionary, the Source Book, and the new Encyclopedia are the finest Bible-working tools that could be in the home of a layman or minister.

When the Review and Herald Publishing Asso­ciation started the Commentary reference set four­teen years ago it was thought if 5,000 sets were sold within the denomination it would be a worth­while undertaking. However, nearly 35,000 sets have been purchased by our people. The tenth volume left the presses just before the recent Gen­eral Conference—fourteen years and fourteen days from the time that the vote was taken to proceed with this monumental work.

The regular price for the complete set is $147.50, but for newly baptized members of the church, newlyweds, and ministerial graduates who have signed the "special offer certificate" the full set of ten volumes may be purchased for $99.50. This is actually a lower rate than the regular publishing house cost. It is a subsidy on the part of the pub­lishers, and they do this because they strongly feel that these books should be in every Adventist home.

We encourage pastors to obtain a supply of these "special offer certificates" (sample shown) from the local Book and Bible House and make it a point to present them at baptismal time to the new mem­bers. The heads of Bible departments should have them to give to each ministerial graduate. And the pastor should present the certificate to newlyweds at the time the wedding certificate is signed. The ten volumes make a wonderful foundation for libraries in new homes, indispensable working tools for the new minister, and the means of enlarging and stabilizing the faith of new members in their new-found belief.                                           

A. C. F.


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A.C.F. is an associate editor of THE MINISTRY.

March 1967

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