GC President Sets the Pace!

GC President Sets the Pace!

How our leader is leading the way in our new evangelistic efforts.

Theodore Carcich, Vice-President, General Conference


ROBERT H. PIERSON, General Conference pres­ident, is setting the pace for the denomination's worldwide evangelistic thrust. Combining with Pastor C. J. Griffin of Wilmington, Delaware, Brother Pierson will conduct an evangelistic effort in that city dur­ing September. Prepara­tion for this endeavor "includes the distri­bution of 30,000 pieces of literature, the use of 200 gift Bibles, and the incorporation of every department of the church in this seed-sowing preparation."

Following the president's example, other members of the General Conference staff rearranged their 1967 schedules to include revival and evangelistic series. As of the moment definite plans have been initiated by the following: R. S. Watts, N. R. Dower, J. J. Aitken, E. L. Minchin, C. E. Moseley, G. E. Vandeman, J. E. Edwards, V. W. Schoen, D. H. Baasch, E. W. Peder­sen, L. B. Reynolds, T. E. Lucas, L. R. Nel­son, J. H. Hancock, H. D. Singleton, W. W. Fordham, E. E. Cleveland, A. C. Fearing, J. R. Spangler, E. J. Folkenberg, J. 0. Gib­son, R. E. Adams, C. D. Martin, Lowell Lit-ten, A. 0. Dart, E. H. Atchley, D. W. Hun­ter, D. W. Holbrook, R. F. Waddell, P. S. Nelson, W. R. Beach, and the writer. Oth­ers, surely, will be included later.

Inspired by this example, division, union, and local conference presidents throughout the world are organizing their conference staffs in similar evangelistic projects, thus setting an example for each pastor to fol­low. In like manner, conference adminis­trators are encouraging their academies, colleges, universities, hospitals, publishing houses, and other institutions to plan and support organized evangelistic endeavors.

The church pastor, in particular, is called upon to organize his membership, striving to make each home an evangelistic center and each member an associate evan­gelist. This is imperative if the local church is to reach all the people in its community. Finally, for the church to witness and grow effectively, all church departments must come to the pastor's support in proclaim­ing God's redeeming grace and in consol­idating the church's baptismal gain.

As all are aware, the 1966 Autumn Coun­cil sounded a clarion call for a worldwide evangelistic thrust and breakthrough. The leaders of the church are now moving ahead. Division, union, and local conferences are falling into line. Churches are stirring to action. God's remnant is on the move.

Reflecting the urgent call to an unprece­dented evangelistic advance is the deter­mination of all denominational radio broadcasts, telecasts, Bible correspondence courses, church papers, and missionary magazines to more fully portray the distinc­tive truths of the everlasting gospel. All irrelevant questions and issues are being pushed to one side as pastors, evangelists, and church officers marshal their forces for a global evangelistic thrust—a thrust that could well usher in the return of our Lord. Without question, the days we live in are tremendously exciting and they disturb-, ingly challenge all those entrusted with church leadership.

Therefore, let each leader, whatever his position, relay the clarion call down the line, and by precept and example rally those around him to the greatest soul-win­ning program in Adventism's glorious his­tory.

"Like a mighty army Moves the church of God;

Brothers, we are treading Where the saints have trod;

We are not divided, All one body we, One in hope and doctrine, One in char­ity.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war,

With the cross of Jesus Going on before."

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Theodore Carcich, Vice-President, General Conference


May 1967

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