FRANK BREADEN, Pastor-Evangelist, North New Zealand

SUPPOSE you were walk­ing alone, deep in the forest, miles and miles from anywhere, when suddenly you came upon a clearing and in the middle of the clearing you discovered the pret­tiest little cottage you had ever seen!

"That's strange!" you would say to yourself. "Fancy building a house away out here! I wonder whose it is and why they built it in such an out-of-the-way place?"

Suppose you walked over to the gate, up the path, past neat flower beds and trim lawns, and around the back, where you saw a well-kept vegetable garden plus fruit trees, fowls, a cow grazing, a couple of  goats, a clothesline, an incinerator, a wood pile, a well, a windmill, and an electric light plant. However, there was no sign of any occupant around, except footprints, clear and distinct, on the front path, on the lawn, and in the soft loam of the back yard.

Suppose you went up to the back door and knocked. Not a sound. You called out. Still no sound. Just then you noticed near the door a small, neat placard. "Wel­come, friend, whoever you may be. Please step inside and look around. Signed: The Owner and Builder."

Your curiosity thoroughly aroused, sup­pose you went inside. You found a kitchen, fully furnished; a pantry crammed with a large variety of delicious foods; a refrigera­tor; a bathroom where you turned on the tap and the water ran freely; a medicine chest; a linen closet liberally stocked with towels, soap, sheets, blankets, pillowslips, and tablecloths. You passed wonderingly and admiringly from room to room. There were bedrooms with comfortable-looking beds, and closets full of serviceable cloth­ing. There was a dining room with the ta­ble spread with a tempting meal, and a spacious lounge with carpeted floor, cozy chairs, and shelves crowded with interest­ing-looking books. A piano stood in one corner of the room; a radio in another. The walls of bedroom, dining room, and lounge were adorned with choice pictures. There were fireplaces with kindling and wood all ready to light; ventilation and fans to ensure a comfortable circulation of fresh air; ample windows to let in the light; electric lights all ready to switch on. Flowers in exquisite arrangement and de­lightfully harmonious interior decora­tions combined to give the cottage a warm and inviting atmosphere of home.

You have discovered an intriguing little dream house, all imaginatively prepared and tastefully furnished for someone to oc­cupy. Every wish seems to have been antici­pated, every need supplied, every comfort and convenience thoughtfully provided for. You walk through the house again; you pass outside; you walk around the house; you call, but still there is no reply. Then, with increasing wonder, you sit down and ponder the mystery of it all.

Now, I could be mistaken, but I am sure that all the time you were making your tour of inspection something would be go­ing on in your own mind. Clearly and dis­tinctly as the ringing of a bell—arrestingly, compellingly—a question would be taking shape:

"Who built this house? Who planned and furnished it with such imagination and good taste? Why was it built away out here in the forest? And for whose benefit were all these thoughtful preparations made?"

Houses do not build themselves! Every house that was ever built argues convinc­ingly for the existence of an architect, a dreamer, a planner, a builder; it argues for a rational motive for building, and for an intelligent intention or purpose in the mind of the architect, the dreamer, the planner, or the builder!

To suggest that a house built itself by chance or by accident or by magic would be an insult to intelligence.

By the same simple down-to-earth process of logic we arrive at the most elementary belief in God. True, we cannot see God with our natural eyes; or hear God with our natural ears; or touch God with our natural hands, but if we are willing to look around this wonderful world with reason­ing minds and sensitive hearts, we can see evidences that it has been planned and prepared as a home for man by an all-wise, all-powerful, all-loving Architect and Mas­ter Builder.

With profound insight and overwhelm­ing logic the apostle Paul condenses this evidence into sixteen terse and masterful words:

"For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God" (Heb. 3:4).

The common-sense case for Creationism falls into three natural divisions:

  1. Creationism is unshakably rooted in facts.
  2. Creationism is unshakably rooted in Scripture.
  3. Creationism is unshakably rooted in the heart of man.

Creationism Is Deeply and Unshakably Rooted in Facts

Consider the following facts, which al­most anyone can observe and verify for him­self without leaving his own back yard:

1. The Earth. The earth itself, with its amazing combination of soil, water, air, animals, plants, foodstuffs, flavors, per­fumes, light, heat, sound, and color, is mar­velously furnished and adapted as a home for man and other living things. Who planned and executed this complex andingenious combination of desirable factors?

2.     The Earth's Rotation. The earth, a spherical-shaped planet, hangs unsupported in space, spinning smoothly and silently upon its axis, like a giant top or merry-go-round, at an unvarying speed of 1,040 miles an hour. The length of day and night is right for work and rest, study and relaxa­tion, social pursuits and solitude. Who started it spinning? Who keeps it spinning? Who regulates its speed?

3.     The Earth's Orbit. As it rotates, the earth also travels through space in its orbit around the sun at the right speed—approximately 19 miles a second, 1,140 miles a minute, 68,400 miles an hour—along a regular pathway from which it never swerves.

The tilt of the earth on its axis and the shape and length of its elliptical path are also right to produce essential seasonal changes. Who determined the size, weight, composition, shape, temperature, motion, direction, and speed of the earth? Who calculated the distance of its yearly journey and the angle of its tilt? Who maintains these factors century after century, in per­fect balance, and in correct relationship to one another?

4.     The Sun. The sun is the right size, dis­tance, composition, and temperature to give indispensable light, warmth, and energy for the maintenance of life upon this earth. It has the right mass to hold the earth in space by the mysterious pull of gravitation. Imagine how disastrous it would be if there had been only a slight mistake in the sun's size, heat, composition, or distance from the earth! Who calculated and organized this intricate combination of factors? And who maintains it?

5.     The Moon. The moon is the right size and distance to operate earth's ocean tides, and to cleanse her harbors. It is also in the right position, and is the right nature to act as a giant reflector of the sun's light.

6.     The Air or Atmospheric Shield. Earth's atmosphere, while providing the breath of life for man, bird, and beast, pro­tects them from the ceaseless bombardment of meteoric particles from outer space. The atmosphere cushions their impact, and causes most of them to burn out long be­fore they reach the earth—an estimated 20 million a day, traveling at about 30 miles a second.

7.     Umbrella of Ozone Gas. The indispen­sable "umbrella," "filter," or "curtain" of ozone gas which is suspended in our atmosphere shields all living things from deadly cosmic and solar rays. This marvelous pro­tective layer of gas extends from 60,000 to 100,000 feet up, with its maximum concen­tration at about 80,000 feet! Could any ra­tional man attribute this ingenious protec­tive device to an accidental process—a freak of chance? It is a screen of the right depth and the right composition to prevent the swift death of every living thing on the face of the earth.

8.    Water. Water has unique properties which make it completely necessary for the existence of all living things upon the earth.

9.    The Sea. The sea, which is held con­stantly in its place by invisible bonds, has power to safeguard life on earth by purify­ing itself of all the foul, decaying, defiling matter that enters its bosom. It helps also in the equalizing of the earth's temperature and rainfall.

10.  Animal and Plant Life. Animal life in its myriad forms ministers to vegetable life by giving off carbon dioxide, which plants use in food manufacture. Plants re­ciprocate, and minister to animal life by building animal wastes into useful food, and by giving off pure, precious oxygen, which means life to man and beast.

11.  Light. With its mysterious and infi­nitely beneficial properties, light is always and everywhere present.

12.  Fire. The most genial and useful of all man's servants, fire is never beyond easy reach.

13.  Sound and Music. Music pours from the throats of countless birds; hides among the forest leaves; whispers in the wind; sighs in the restless sea; murmurs in the lingering harmony of ocean shells; and everywhere gladdens the heart of man.

14.  Color and Beauty. Color, the magic artist, shines in the rainbow; splashes the clouds with crimson and gold at sunset or dawn; and glows in a thousand hues from gardens, fields, lakes, trees, and skies. Beauty and harmony, combined with in­tricate order and design in an infinite vari­ety of forms and color combinations, are found in flowers, ferns, leaves, seeds, birds, butterflies, fishes, shells, snowflakes, et cet­era.

15.  A daptat ion Countless examples of ingenious adaptation exist. For instance, eyes and light; ears and sound; wastes and scavengers, such as bacteria; bees and flow­ers; beauty and our capacity to appreciate it; instinctive hungers, and the means of satisfying them.
16.  Rhythm. Regularity and rhythm are everywhere apparent. For example, the orderly march of day and night, the pageant of the changing seasons, the carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles, the ebb and flow of the tides, the beating of the heart, the breeding and migrating habits of ani­mals, birds, insects, and fishes.

17.  Healing Agencies. Healing agencies, in the form of a wide variety of medicines on the one hand, and amazing recupera­tive powers on the other, are available or operative throughout the whole creation.
18.  Laws. Indispensable laws of light, heat, sound, energy, motion, gravitation, electricity, growth, heredity, et cetera, op­erate with majestic, unvarying consistency, outside of man's power to originate or to control.

In this amazing combination of facts is found the essence of the most common-sense and conclusive case for Creationism. If God did not design and produce these things, who did? Who could? What rational alternative is there?

Creationism Makes Infinitely Better Sense Out of the Universe Than Atheism Does!

"Someone has figured out how many chances to one it would take for the world to have happened by chance, and the figures go round the world thirty-five times!"—E. STANLEY JONES, Abundant Living, p. 5.

In the face of these inescapable and eas­ily verifiable facts, how can a man do other­wise than believe in an all-wise, all-power­ful, all-loving, personal Creator?

(To be continued)

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FRANK BREADEN, Pastor-Evangelist, North New Zealand

May 1967

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