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August 1967



by the Ministry Staff

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107 Baptized from Village of 500

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Deception Through Science

Satan can gladly use science

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How do you Study?

On bible study--part 1

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Working with Committees and Groups

Learning to work with people.

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From Sovereign to Saint (Conclusion)

The story of Nebuchadnezzar

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Students Too Can Win Souls

Students win nine new members

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The Contrast

The Humility of Christ

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Victory in Egypt

A recent evangelistic crusade in Cairo

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The Final Focus of Freedom's Flight

Tyranny's Last Stand--Part 5

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An Evangelistic First for Japan Missionary College

The first campus-wide evangelistic crusade.

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Radio Television Secretaries Pledge Follow-up

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Training Pastoral Assistants

Training college prepared workers

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Medical Evangelism in Developing Countries

Adapting to different settings and conditions.

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Biblical Myths for Racial Segregation

The support for segregation is unscriptural.

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  The Challenge of a Finished Work (Part 1)

The keynote address, Ministerial Council on Field School Evangelism, Andrews University, March 7, 1967.


  Viewpoint: Degrees a Must!

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