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September 1967


Editorial: 14 Lonely Years and Ingathering

An editorial by the Editor of the Ministry.



By the Ministry staff.

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The Preacher and Prayers

A must reading for every busy minister.

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Viewpoint: Is the Medical Work the Right Arm?

All items under this heading reflect the personal views of the respective writers and not necessarily those of this journal or the denomination at large.

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Marked for Death

Tyrrany's Last Stand-5.

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The Challenge of a Finished Work

Conclusion of keynote address, Ministerial Council on Field School Evangelism, Andrews University, March 7, 1967.

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Jerusalem and the Jews

A look at the meaning of the Jewish recapture of old Jerusalem.

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How do You Study? (Concluded)

The conclusion of this two-part series.

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Is it Possible to Live on a Minister's Salary?

The thrilling story of a minister's wife with four children who refused to divide her life.

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Preacher's Progress

A new monthly column by Ron Runyon.

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The Minister--a Leader of Worship

The four-fold role of the minister.

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Ministerial Task Triangle

Communication with God, organization, and communication with men.

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Evangelism and Organization

Coordinating the various aspects of evangelistic meetings.

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A News Commentary in Evangelism

Using assorted news media as a tool for evangelism.

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The Weightier Matters

On approaching nature with an open, but not an empty, mind.

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