Soul Winning in Sabbath School

We have never fully fathomed the possibilities of soul-winning through sabbath school.

G. R. NASH Secretary, General Conference  Sabbath School Department

We have come to the closing days of the work of God, to the time when God would perfect everything that the church should be doing to bring in the final tri­umph. All branches of God's work are now to be coordinated into one great stream flowing in the one direction of gathering out and preparing a people to enter the kingdom of heaven.

In the expansion of God's work the Sab­bath school has been and is one of the great­est evangelistic agencies we have. Every­where the Sabbath school is established the church follows and the work of God is built up.

We have never fully fathomed the possi­bilities of soul winning through the Sabbath school. This great Bible school of the church has an appeal to the non-Adventist mind and has not, by us, been as fully appreciated as it should be or used to the fullest extent.

In some places the branch Sabbath school idea has caught fire, and much has been accomplished thereby, but there lies be­fore this great organization a still greater achievement in soul winning than we have yet measured.

At this time, when the entire church is urged to respond to a greater program in the winning of souls, let every church lay its plans to make its Sabbath school a dis­tinct, effective, soul-winning agency, far be­yond its present attainments Attract Visitors

We could make the Sabbath school a great fishing net by planning our Sabbath school exercises in terms of attracting a larger outside attendance. Every Sabbath school member should be reminded fre­quently of how he could be a soul winner by bringing a new member to the Sabbath school from those not numbered among us.

Many neighbors and acquaintances would respond to a friendly invitation if we would but extend it. Seek out the chil­dren of your neighbors and get them into the Sabbath school, that through them the Lord may awaken an interest in the par­ents. "Let suitable workers be constantly educating the children. Ask the blessing of the Lord on the seed sown, and the convic­tion of the Spirit of God will take hold of even the little ones. Through the children many parents will be reached."—Evangel­ism, p. 584.

Then let us work the branch Sabbath school and Sunday school plans and estab­lish our work in new localities where a minister is not yet available for regular evangelistic services. How many of our dark counties, dark cities, and dark streets near our churches, would be lightened under such a workable plan, heartily entered into by our laity!

The Sabbath School Teacher

We need to recognize the potentialities of our Sabbath school teachers, who so ably stand before their classes week by week, expounding the Holy Scriptures. Many ministers not of our faith are not so well informed on the Bible as our capable Sab­bath school teachers. Why, then, do we not awake and put on the strength God has already given us, and use our talents to go out and establish branch Sabbath schools and win precious souls to the message?

Superintendents of our Sabbath schools, why not harness up your capable teachers in such a worthy program? What new life would come into our Sabbath schools if these teachers, as they came to their classes, could bring a ringing testimony of how God is working to win souls through their labors!

Let us never rest until our Sabbath school is a soul-winning center. Pastors, do not overlook this great possibility in your program of evangelism. There are poten­tialities yet untapped. We have now come to the day when every soul-winning agency among us must be utilized to its full ca­pacity of service.

Let us never forget that the Sabbath school idea had its beginning in the hearts of those who were reaching out for an effective agency for the winning of precious souls to Christ. What will your Sabbath school do now to swell the incoming tide of souls saved by His precious blood?

Our Sabbath schools could increase their membership on an average of at least one third if faithful work would be done by officers, teachers, and members in seeking out friends who may be interested, and the wayward and discouraged among us. There is a growing multitude of backsliders who might be reclaimed by earnest, prayerful effort on the part of the Sabbath school to win them back to the fold. Let us make our great Bible school a means of carrying the Bible truths, which mean so much to us, to others who are perishing for want of the bread of life.

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G. R. NASH Secretary, General Conference  Sabbath School Department

April 1968

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