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THE radio ministry has always had a particular interest for me, for to a large degree it was responsible for my becoming a Seventh-day Adventist. . .

-President and Radio-TV Secretary Central Pacific Union Mission at the time this article was written

THE radio ministry has always had a particular interest for me, for to a large degree it was responsible for my becoming a Seventh-day Adventist.

Now I have the privilege, along with other responsibilities, of supervising the radio work in the Central Pacific Union Mission.

The radio work is defying and defeating the communications difficulties. The ether waves cannot be held back. Lack of ships and planes do not prevent it from speeding across the sea and into the hearts and minds of increasing numbers. Thrilling are the results we are seeing in the Central Pacific as the radio ministry and its closely associated Bible correspondence school pierce the darkness of ignorance and spiritual depravity to elevate souls steeped in sin, and to show them how to become sons and daughters of God, awaiting their soon-coming King.

In Fiji, a young Fiji-born Indian girl of about seventeen years was enrolled in the God's Way course. This she completed and was introduced to the Light of the World series of Bible studies. It was during the time when she was completing this course that one of our Bible-school workers visited the home. With a warm welcome the worker was invited in. Enthusiastic questions, eagerness to know more of these wonderful truths, filled the hour of the visit. The final result—this young girl took her stand and was baptized. Her mother and three other members of the family are now preparing for entry into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Sala's experience was not so easy. She too studied the God's Way lessons and made a determined stand for truth. She began to keep the Sabbath, attending our nearest church. Each week she was beaten and abused by her parents and relatives. Finally because she refused to give up her newfound faith, and because Christ meant more to her than anything else, she was chased away from her home. For three months she lived with friends who assisted her in living for Christ. The parents and relatives realized that nothing would separate Sala from the "Seven Day Church," and she was invited to return to her home with the promise that she might worship as she desired. Sala returned home. Her light still shines. Today a younger sister is preparing for baptism as a result of Sala's witness.

In Samoa, Pastor S. Neru is the Voice of Prophecy speaker, using the vernacular to make available the message to 150,000 Samoans. So well received is this program that when he enters a village to preach it is not difficult to get an audience. Upon learning that the speaker of Leo o le Valoaga is conducting a meeting, many flock along to hear him in person. Because of this we have been able to use him in reaping campaigns, which have harvested much fruit—fruit that was born of invisible messages flying through the midst of heaven.

To the south of Samoa are the Friendly Isles, where the genial smile and gentle nature of our beloved Pastor M. Niuafe greets us. He too is spotlighted like Pastor Neru because of his wide listening audience on Leo oe Kikite from ZCO Tonga. Just a few weeks ago one of the preachers in a popular church in Tonga, in his weekly open-air meeting, told his listeners that it was not necessary to keep the seventh-day Sabbath, as they often heard from Mangaia (Mangaia is the name of our headquarters in Tonga). "Any one of the week days will do," he stated. Two weeks later Pastor Niuafe's voice rang out over the ether waves, proclaiming what God's Word has to say on the Sabbath truth. This was not to answer the former preacher, but it so happened that the subject, drawn up months before in the year's schedule, came at this opportune time.

A town officer from one of the villages of Tongatapu stepped into our offices to speak to Pastor Niuafe while he was waiting for his bus back to his village. He told how he had a meeting of the leading people of his village in his home discussing some of the matters of importance concerning their village. Since this meeting ended just as the Voice of Prophecy was about to come on, he invited all to stay and hear the message.

Pastor Niuafe's message, Bible packed, came out showing our obligations to up hold the seventh-day Sabbath. After the program was finished, the people expressed their appreciation of the fact that here was a message based on the Word of God, and they went on to bewail the fact that their church was just giving them "chaff," and as a result there was a large falling away. In the village of Fahefa, Sione Mino was invited by his Adventist neighbor to listen to the Voice of Prophecy. This he did regularly for about twelve months. After listening regularly for a year, Sione stopped attending his church—he was the youth leader in Tonga's largest church. Pressed as to the reason, he finally told his former church associates, "I've been listening to the Voice of Prophecy for twelve months now, and what I've heard I believe to be the truth. I'm going to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church," which he did, with his wife and family.

And so the thrilling stories mount up from these scattered isles as radio and correspondence courses penetrate every isle, every village, every home, every honest soul —calling, pleading, leading. A great crescendo of voices mounts up, ever stronger, ever fuller, calling back in response: "Lord, prepare us for this great day."

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-President and Radio-TV Secretary Central Pacific Union Mission at the time this article was written

May 1969

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