A Prayer Group Experience

HER face was pale and her hands trembled as she held the telephone. "Are you sure?" she breathed. Then suddenly courage came back to her voice, "Listen, Shirley. I'm leaving in a little while for my prayer group. I won't do anything until after that. . ."

HER face was pale and her hands trembled as she held the telephone. "Are you sure?" she breathed. Then suddenly courage came back to her voice, "Listen, Shirley. I'm leaving in a little while for my prayer group. I won't do anything until after that. You be praying too, and thank you for letting me know."

Hanging up the telephone and slumping weakly into a chair, she thought, What would I do without the prayer group today?

In a short time she was there, in the home of the prayer-group leader, pouring out her story to warm, loving hearts. "I had a call from Shirley, a dear friend who lives in the town where Danny is. She said that Danny is planning to be married this week. I knew he was wandering a bit—there at the technical college —and he seemed so rebellious when I talked to him about this girl not being a Christian; but I never thought this would happen. He's always been such a good boy."

Tears sprang readily to five pairs of eyes as these prayer-group friends, who had prayed and studied and grown close together week by week, shared the ache in the heart of this mother. For months they had prayed daily for Danny in their fellowship of prayer and had grown to love him as their own.

The books that were usually shared in discussion were laid aside as the women gently considered what might be done. Soon they of one accord knelt to seek guidance of the One who never fails.

Using conversational prayer, as is their custom, they brought their combined prayer before the Lord, seeking His power for Danny in his hour of peril. They claimed the promise of God that where two or three agree concerning a request, it will be granted; they pleaded for forgiveness for any sin in their individual lives that might hinder the blessing sought for this dear one. They asked for quietness and assurance to fill the heart of the mother, and as they rose from their knees all rejoiced to see that the first part of their prayer was already answered. "How kind the Lord is," she said, "that this is prayer-group day. Now I know I can call Danny, and that the Lord will show me what to say."

Even the disappointing phone call could not shake the assurance she had gained on her knees in the prayer group. Though Danny said he didn't think he could come home that weekend in answer to her request, she felt certain the Lord was at work. Still her hands did tremble as she opened the letter that came two days later. "Dear Mom," it began, "I'm sure the Lord had you call me the other day when you did. After I talked to you, I realized so strongly for the first time that if I am planning something I can't even tell my mother, it can't be right. I'll be home this weekend and tell you all about it. But I want you to know that God is helping me; from now on things are going to be different. Thank you, Mom. Love, Danny."

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January 1970

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