Moslem Breakthrough in Southern Mindanao

THE last public effort conducted in the Southern Mindanao Mission for the year 1969 was in Silway, General Santos City, Philippines, August 1 to September 15. The meetings were conducted by Jimmy H. Adil, our Moslem worker, and Hus S. Bu gayong, our ministerial intern.

THE last public effort conducted in the Southern Mindanao Mission for the year 1969 was in Silway, General Santos City, Philippines, August 1 to September 15. The meetings were conducted by Jimmy H. Adil, our Moslem worker, and Hus S. Bu gayong, our ministerial intern.

Our church school teachers of General Santos and the wives of the office workers presented stories with the use of the flannelgraph and cutouts. Messages in songs were given by the General Santos City church choir under the direction of Rachel B. Ciudad, a graduate in music from Philippine Union College, and Emmanuel College Choir under the direction of Rudy Samson.

A strong visitation program using the Far East Harvest Lessons (What the Bible Says) created many interests. Among them several interested Moslems were found by Brother Adil and his wife, most of them students. Regular Bible studies were organized, which were often conducted late in the evening and without the knowledge of the parents of the students, for they were afraid they would either be killed or dis owned. As the studies continued, faith in God increased. With great anxiety the students finally approached their parents, telling them of their studies and their desire to follow the truths of the Bible they had learned to love. God wonderfully touched the hearts of these parents, leading them to withdraw all objections. Among the 35 baptized on September 27, Worldwide Baptism Sabbath, four were Moslems, two men and two women.

Thank God for this breakthrough.

In past years we have sent one worker after another to labor among the Moslems in Lanao and Cotabato, but to convert a Moslem to Christianity seemed virtually impossible. As one worker said: "Instead of my converting the Moslems to Christianity, they were trying their best to convert me."

The Silway campaign marks a break through in our soul-winning endeavor among these people.

Now these converts are preparing to study in Mountain View College, where they will be trained for God's work among the Moslems. Let us pray for Ramon Ong, Majid Alih, Norja Mang, and Nilda Adam, that they may be used to bring many of their people to the feet of the Master be fore He comes.

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April 1970

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