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There are guides to good hotels, good restaurants, and what have you. Now, according to Religious News Service, the Roman Catholics of London have published the Good Church Guide. . .

-Managing Editor of Ministry at the time this article was written

There are guides to good hotels, good restaurants, and what have you. Now, according to Religious News Service, the Roman Catholics of London have published the Good Church Guide.

This means that their churches are apt to be visited at any time by anonymous inspectors who will be checking to see "where Mass is almost inaudible" or "where the liturgy is slipshod," just as inspectors might show up at hotels or restaurants.

The program, with its thirty critics, is sponsored by the Clergy Review, a Roman Catholic journal that circulates mainly among the clergy (sort of like THE MINISTRY). The first printed reports were of two of the fashionable churches of London. Obviously, there was room for improvement.

You might do well to check up on your church service. Who knows what THE MINISTRY staff might come up with next?

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-Managing Editor of Ministry at the time this article was written

April 1973

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