How Big Are We?

THE great disappointment of our day, and one of the reasons why we are not accomplishing as quickly as we should the task God has assigned us, is that we still turn "every one to his own way." We move largely independently of one another and most of our plans are made without regard to what others are planning and doing. . .

-Ministerial Association Secretary at the time this article was written

THE great disappointment of our day, and one of the reasons why we are not accomplishing as quickly as we should the task God has assigned us, is that we still turn "every one to his own way." We move largely independently of one another and most of our plans are made without regard to what others are planning and doing.

What a wonderful thing it would be, for example, if each pastor cooperated as fully with all of our radio and television programs as if they were his very own. What a new day it would be if all the interest created by all of our communication agencies would be followed up as carefully as if they were created by his own personal effort. What a comfort it would be if every new convert were given the same tender loving care that is given to a newborn baby. What a joy it would be if all of our programs, all of our magazines, all of our evangelistic efforts, and all of our church organizations were to work as a team each sensing the vital part that the other is to play and all working closely and thoughtfully together as if our very lives depended upon it.

Is there room in our denomination for special groups to make special contributions to the advancement of God's cause, and to the work of saving souls? Must The Quiet Hour, Amazing Facts, The Hour of Prophecy, and others that we might mention, continue to be looked upon as off-breed programs just because they are locally sponsored rather than by some "properly recognized by policy" group that has the official blessing?

1 am not pleading that we glorify the individual project, but I am pleading that we take these programs and projects in and let them be regarded as part of the great denominational endeavor to get on with the job and accomplish our unique world mission.

While we threaten and intimidate one another by our organizational procedures and prejudices, souls are perishing and the coming of the Lord is further delayed. While we meet in committees until we are nearly immobilized by them, cities, counties, and countries are facing doomsday. Are we so bound by tradition that we cannot see what needs to be done in order to be ready for the end?

Our problem isn't that we are too big, but that we aren't yet big enough to throw our whole support, our full backing, to every voice and every effort that is made to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord.

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-Ministerial Association Secretary at the time this article was written

November 1973

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