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February 1976


Editorial: Push Buttons and Promises

Church members today do not need to push buttons as much as they need real challenges.


Recommended Reading

Monthly book reviews.

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How to Have Heaven in Your Home

How to have heaven in our home here while preparing for heavenly home.

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Health Evangelism Audio-Visuals

Methods and tools to help you present the health message.

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How We See

It is our responsibility to guard the eye——the freeway to the brain——from information that will tend to weaken the mind.

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Blinded or Blended?

"Everything that Christians do should be as transparent as the sunlight."— Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, p. 68.

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A New Type of Bible Instructor

How the School of Health at Loma Linda can help you reach the educated, the professional, the sophisticated, and the wealthy.

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Frontal Lobes and Character

True education of the whole man requires careful balance of inputs to all parts of the brain.

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Public Labor Followed by Private Effort

"The greatest success attends those who come in as close relation as possible with those with whom they labor."

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The Ministry of Intercession

There is a danger that we as ministers may become conventional and mechanical in our public praying.

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Target-Group Evangelism

How to change our usual evangelistic methodology

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What's Right With Seventh-day Adventist Education

There is much that is right with our schools. So let's give them the constant support necessary to make them better than ever.

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The Del Norte Story

On Science and Religion

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Righteousness or Rightness?

"Our only authoritative basis for valid Christian experience must be the words and example of Christ."

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The Administrator and Evangelism

From One Leader to Another

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The Clergyman as Citizen

The Editors Interview Congressman Don H. Clausen

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