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March 1976


Editorial: The Main Reason I Am a Creationist

Life is more than animal existence——life in its very essence is spiritual.


Recommended Reading

Monthly book reviews by various authors.

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The Waning of the Flood Waters

Science and religion

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Shepherdess: Are You Hiding Behind a Chemical Curtain?

The monthly by his side column

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How the Physical Illumines the Spiritual

Growth in the physical and spiritual realms.

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Preventing Heart Attacks Through Field Fitness Testing

The Health Editors Interview Dr. Charles Thomas

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Your individual Exercise Program

"Walking is the best exercise."--M.G. Hardinge, M.D.

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How to Unjam Nature's Freeways

Moderation in Exercise.

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Noted Clergyman Converted

"Ye MUST be born again"

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Resurrection or Translation?

As we approach the Easter season, it's appropriate to study again what he has to say on this tremendously significant subject.

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The Pastor and Premarital Counseling

There is a tremendous responsibility that is involved in preparing for marriage.

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"The Suicide of the Sexes"

The seventh commandment is one link in a chain of laws that involves respect and high regard for life.

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Tell It

How can any man possess the pearl of great price and yet fail to share it?

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Child Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East

Many misconceptions surround the subject of human sacrifice. But just how were these ceremonies performed? What did the ancient Israelites think of them? Did they indeed practice human sacrifice themselves? Can archaeology help clear up any of these problems?

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Pastor Ninghei Knew the Secret

From One Leader to Another

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San Francisco Evolution Debates

Advocates of evolution are far from agreed as to the how, when, and why of their theory.

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  Ministering to the Deeply Troubled


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