Telephone Bible Class

How the telephone can hasten the soon-coming of our Lord.

J. Roger McQuistan is pastor of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, church.

OBVIOUSLY,  our  primary  function as  a  church is  not that of humanitarian service,  but  rather to  proclaim the gospel of a soon-coming Lord and how to be ready  for that day.  I am convinced that the telephone  can  greatly  increase  our effectiveness in hastening that message to the world.  It can be very productive in screening  interests,  thus  saving  time and money running down names. It can be  used  to  set  up  appointments  and thereby  increase  efficiency.  Finally,  it can be the avenue of communicating the truth on a one-to-one basis to those who have been found through visitation and telephone  screening.

One thing we  discovered as we  began to  use the telephone  for  follow-up work was  the  fact  that  people  were  willing to take Bible studies over the telephone. We  therefore  decided  to  expand  this area  of  ministry,  seeking  to  perfect  it and put it to work.

We  formed a Telephone Bible Instructors'  band,  consisting of twelve women, held a Sabbath afternoon seminar introducing  the  plan,  and  provided  some training  on  how  to  use  the  telephone. The  plan  I  presented that afternoon to the  women  of  the Bethlehem,  Pennsylvania,  church,  is  outlined  in  the  box on page  10.

As  so  often  happens,  the  follow-up was  the  weakest  part  of  the  program. Within three or four weeks, eight of the women  discovered  that  they  did  not have  time  to  continue  or  felt  it  just wasn't  their  gift.  Four  continued  on faithfully,  two  of  whom  became  quite successful  with  the  plan.  One  of  the TBI's  carried  one  interest  all  the  way through the Focus  on Living course and is  now  coming down to the last few lessons  on the  New Life  course put out by Voice  of  Prophecy.  Another  of  the TBI's  has  involved  twelve  people  regularly  and  has  taken them through the Focus  on Living and is  now into the intermediate  course  on  the  Life  and   Teachings  of  Jesus.  The third TBI also has  twelve  Bible studies going each week, is taking them through Focus on Living, and has made the transition into the  Life  and  Teachings  course.  As  of yet, we have had no one in church  nor have  we  had  face  to  face  contact  with the interests. Everything that has been done has been by telephone and mail.

Editor's Note: See pdf for the Telephone Bible Instructors' Plan



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J. Roger McQuistan is pastor of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, church.

April 1976

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