Supplement to this issue: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27



The Christian on the Job

When the practices of the world and the principles of Christianity are in conflict, the Christian will follow the way of his Master.

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Can You Stand Promotion?

From One Leader to Another

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What's Become of the Family Pastor?

How the trend of professionalism is changing the nature of the ministry.

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The Origin of Life

The origin of life on a naturalistic basis is in clear violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

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Charismatics and Catholics

Opinions are divided as to where the Catholic renewal movement is heading next.

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How the Great Controversy Will End

Man's restoration to the divine likeness will always begin at the foot of the cross.

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Christ-centered Evangelism

What Paul is talking about in his Epistles is not law versus grace, but legalism versus grace.

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The Ear: Masterpiece of Engineering

The most important functions of the middle ear are summarized in two words, amplification and protection——all in a volume of space as big as that of a sugar cube!

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Your Horoscope Won't Help You

Is astrology anything more than a harmless parlor game?

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Child Sacrifice and the Bible

Part II of our study (see March issue for part 1).

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