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World Report Continued

Raimundo Pardo Suarez is public relations secre tary of the Upper Magdalena Conference.

THE UPPER MAGDALENA CONFERENCE, the largest in both territory and membership, conducted an evangelistic campaign that began with the outstanding field preparation work of a group of Missionary Mailmen. More than 1,100 students graduated. The graduation ceremony was divided into two sessions with a total attendance of 2,300 persons. A Five-Day Plan fol lowed under the leadership of Jose Osorio Brana and Dr. Daniel Gonzalez. Of the 3,500 persons who attended, 2,450 gave up smoking.

Osorio, the Colombia-Venezuela Union evangelist, and his team of workers 5 pastors, 2 Bible instructors, and 16 fourth-year theology students from Colombia-Venezuela Union College in Medellin next began a full-scale evangelistic campaign with double sessions, one at 6:00 P.M. and the other at 7:30 P.M. with an average attendance of 1,800 at each session. Some nights the attendance increased to more than 4,000. Long lines formed two hours ahead of the time for the first session, and the police had to be asked to help keep order.

The chief of the fire department of Ibague, Major Rafael Diaz G., gave the opening presentation in the name of the city authorities, and as the mayor's personal representative, noted in his dis course that "this type of orientation pro gram dealing with the prevention of human vices needs to be presented more often." He thanked the conference for the work it was doing for society, and presented his best wishes for the success of this series of lectures.

A few days before the meetings began, the speaker was interviewed by the newspaper reporters, by a number of radio stations, and on television in Bogota. The newspapers gave major coverage to the program to be presented in Ibague, and in Ibague itself, the mayor, the city manager, and all the local radio stations and newspapers interviewed the evangelist, an advertisement that greatly impressed the population and brought out the multitudes to the tent pitched on one of the main streets of the city.

The authorities and the populace in general are cooperating in a marvelous way. Those in attendance include doc tors, lawyers, psychologists, teachers, and other professional people from the upper classes of society, and members of the service clubs and cultural entities who have been greatly impressed by the deep moral convictions expressed by the evangelist.

Invitations to give lectures have been received from officials, semiofficial groups, and other individuals. A special meeting was held in the tent at 9:00 A.M. on March 2 for 1,200 members of the 6th Army Brigade, along with their officers. The National Police, various colleges, and a number of service clubs have also requested lectures.

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Raimundo Pardo Suarez is public relations secre tary of the Upper Magdalena Conference.

July 1976

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World Report Continued

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