By the health staff

And God saw . . .

this world full of disease, pain, deform ity, heartbreak, and death, in an ever-increasing downward spiral. A world on the fringes of eternity—and so incredibly few preparing for it.

And God said . . .

/ have a plan. It is time for it to be carried out. I will rebuild man—from within out. I will implant new life in him. I will help him to prepare for My soon coming so that I may take him home to live with Me forever. I will send My messengers to every town and hamlet—every village in all the world. They will announce My plan to every ac countable person. They will penetrate the jungles of the tropics and of the ghetto, the frozen wastes of Siberia and of Tierra del Fuego. They will teach My children how to live so that they can receive the unfathomable blessings I long so much to give them. My sheep will hear My voice and follow where I lead. Now is the time.

So God sent .. .

special instructions detailing His plan to Ellen White and told her to write them in the books.

And God said . . .

This is the purpose of My plan: It will be the right arm of My body, My church (8T 77), opening doors for My truth to enter (Ev 513) and making ready a people prepared for the Lord (6T 233). No other work will be so successful in new fields (MM 239). It will thus be both the pioneer work of My gospel (CH 497), sowing seeds of truth, and the reaper of the harvest of My gospel (MM 240). It will be as the river of life for the irrigation of My church (ChS 133, 134).

These are the messengers who will teach My plan: My ministers are to co operate with (MM 241; CH 543) and, as far as possible, participate in My plan (MM 250; Ev 520-525). In fact, their work will be twice as successful if they understand how to treat disease (MM 245), and this will soon be the only way they can minister (CH 533). My conference leaders should recognize and sup port it (Ev 521). Every member of My church should take hold of this work (7T 62), but especially should My colporteurs (9T 34), nurses (CT 468; CH 541), physicians (CH 504, 540; MM 44), and students (CH 541, 542; CT 469, 470) be prepared.

My true missionary physicians are to be sacredly set apart for this work by the laying on of hands, and tithe may be used to finance true medical missionaries (MM 245).

In order to do this work successfully My messengers must be converted (8T 203), cleansed, and refined (WM 254, 255), practice My Word in their daily lives (MM 254), and be guided by My Holy Spirit (8T 206).

My plan is to be operative wherever people are, in their homes, as My messengers go from house to house in search of them (CH 497). There are to be treatment rooms in rented quarters (7T 60) in every city where My people have churches (6T 113), and there should be restaurants connected with many of these treatment rooms (7T 60). In the country (7T 80, 86, 89; MM 232), conveniently close, should be a place for My city workers to live (MM 308), where successful medical and surgical works can be done (MM 26), where the sick can be treated with hygienic methods (Te 88), where they can learn how to live so that they can prevent further illness (IT 489), and where such wonderful results will be achieved that the medical practice of physicians will be reformed (MM 27).

Especially should the workers in My medical institutions have as their high est aim the spiritual health of the patients (MM 26). They should carefully live My plan themselves (CH 261; MM 199, 212; 4T 556)—in fact, this power of example is so great that if they do not, they should reform or be separated from the institution (4T 582). They should honor My Sabbath (MM 160; 7T 106), dress simply, modestly, and neatly (4T 571; CH 292), avoid a spirit of flirtation (MM 141) or frivolity (MM 173), and give their treatments and other service in a delicate and reverential way (MM 190). While My workers should receive reasonble wages (CH 314), in fact, be well paid (3T 178), no one should be allowed to remain as a helper who does his work simply for pay (IT 640).

The financial support for My plan is as sound as My government, and is to be patterned after the financing of the building of My tabernacle in the wilderness (RH Jan. 4, 1906). There should be equity in wages paid physicians and ministers and various workers in My institutions (CH 302, 303, 314; IT 640; MM 128), and in My institutions the charges made are to be proportionate to the work done. Charges made by other practicing physicians are not to be the criterion. My medical missionary work needs cleansing, for the methods specified in Isaiah 58 are to be followed. When a time comes that My medical practitioners cannot keep religious principles clear and untarnished, truth paramount in their practice and their influence as a means of cleansing souls by healing beams of the Sun of Righteousness, I would have no more medical institutions established among My people. I will surely turn aside any advantage gained by selfish, unjust dealing (MM 121-135).

I Am Coming Soon . . .

sooner than My people realize. Many of My people should obtain a speedy preparation. You cannot afford to spend years in preparation. Soon doors now open to the truth will be forever closed. Carry the message now. Do not wait, allowing the enemy to take possession of the fields now open before you (9T 172).

My physicians will need a more thorough preparation. They should not be deficient in any respect. Study of My Word is to have first place in their education (CT 422; 6T 131). They must be diligent students, intellectually strong, and must have both scientific knowledge and the knowledge of My will and ways (4T 566, 567). They should study diligently to be well qualified, ever seeking increased knowledge, greater skill, and deeper discernment (MH 116), and are to rise to the highest point of excellence (8T 168).

My nurses should be given a thorough education in health reform (7T 74). My school at Loma Linda should be especially strong in the education of nurses (9T 174).

My medical missionary nurses and physicians are to be educated from the standpoint of conscience, and the less dependent My teachers are upon worldly methods of education, the better it will be for the students. Special instruction should be given in the art of treating the sick without the use of poisonous drugs and in harmony with the light I have given (9T 175). The system of healing that I most approve uses My remedies, the simple agencies of nature, that do not tax or debilitate the system through their powerful properties (5T 443). My workers are ever to remember that I have provided that nature shall work to restore exhausted powers. The power is of Me. I am the great Healer. I will renew every organ of the body that My servants may work acceptably and successfully (MM 11, 12).

This is My plan—what are you doing to follow it?

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By the health staff

February 1977

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