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June 1978


Biblical Archeology

Discoveries in one of the world's oldest cities continue to add to the Biblical record.


Science and Religion: Building with Unsound Timbers

Christians must not use or accept unsound arguments and faulty logic to support their faith.


President's Page

Promises to Smooth a Rough Way. God has not left us to struggle on alone. If we move forward in faith, He will remove obstacles.


How to Make a Pastoral Call

There may be a better way to build an individual relationship between a pastor and his people, but the seemingly foreordained method is the pastoral call.


Redating the New Testament

Bishop John A. T. Robinson, the man who wrote "Honest to God," now comforts the conservatives.


Unevangelized Cities

Cities . . . thousands of them. . . . People by the millions. . . . People ignorant of God's message for our day. But there is a way they could be reached.


The Numbers Syndrome

Symptoms of this ancient disorder are not lacking in the church today. Watch for questions like, "How many baptisms?" and "How much money?"


Marriage—A Quaint Ceremony From the Past?

Isn't tracing "I love you" in wet sand with the big toe of the right foot enough of a ceremony, if a couple is really in love?


A listening Ear at the Hour of Death



Why don't the editors of Ministry have more to say on the current discussions regarding the nature of Christ and righteousness by faith? Where do you stand on these issues?


What Does Hebrews 4 Really Say?

Not what some Adventists have concluded, says the author.


Does God Create Evil?


Patterns of SDA Church Growth in North America

A study of 3,217 members in 28 churches across the Lake Union indicates common denominators for both church and individual growth.


The People in the Parsonage

The people in your parsonage are the most important people of all to you. Here are some suggestions for keeping them that way.


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