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Monthly book reviews by various authors.


Neils-Erik Andreasen, Andrews University Press, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104, 1978, 137 pages, $6.95 paperback.

In light of the multiple studies examining various aspects of the Sabbath, can another volume say anything that hasn't been said? The answer seems to be "Yes." Andreasen believes that the theological and sociological implications of the Sabbath have not been fully explored. Rest and Redemption aims primarily at reexamining the foundations of the Sabbath as they rest in the Biblical record, giving particular emphasis to the religious meaning that comes to expression within the Bible itself.

Although a theological work, the book is more readable than many such studies. The reader should find valuable insights for the meaning of the Sabbath in such areas as work and rest, the Sabbath freedom, Creation and the Sabbath, the gospel and the Sabbath, Sabbath and redemption. An extensive bibliography and scriptural index are included.

Neils-Erik Andreasen is associate professor of Old Testament at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California. He has authored another book on this subject, The Old Testament Sabbath and the Christian Use of Time.

Russell Holt


Jan Paulsen, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C. 20012, 1978, 155 pages, $4.50.

Dr. Paulsen has produced a book on the Holy Spirit that readers will find both inspirational and informative. In a simple and down-to-earth way he delves into questions concerning the nature, promises, and work of the Holy Spirit.

The first chapter discusses the extent to which, in Old Testament times, Israel was able to think of God in Trinitarian terms. In the light of Biblical references, he explains Israel's understanding of the Spirit as a superhuman force breaking into human affairs. The matter of speaking in tongues is also dealt with.

In the chapter "The Spirit's Point of Entry" Dr. Paulsen treats the important subject of spiritual certainty, pointing out that many of us plague ourselves by creating our own uncertainties.

"Certainty may well be more than knowledge and understanding, but it does not defy understanding," he declares in describing the Bible's way of bringing conviction and assurance.

Many pastors will find this small but valuable volume an excellent basis for a series of Bible studies in prayer meetings and church groups.

Jan Paulsen has a rich background in research and is currently the president of Newbold College in England.

Alf Lohne


Harry L. Ropp, Inter-Varsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois 60515, 1977, 118 pages, $2.95.

The author of this paperback book received the M.A. degree from Lincoln Christian Seminary for his work on the Mormon doctrine of revelation and is the founder of the Christian Mission to the Mormons.

In 118 pages, this small volume addresses such questions as, How did the Book of Mormon originate? Is it (and the other Mormon papers) reliable? What position do these writings take concerning God, Christ, and salvation? What changes have been made in these works over the years? One section deals with New World archeology as presented in the Mormon writings, particularly the theories of settlement prior to the arrival of Columbus and the Europeans. Another chapter considers evidence, based on handwriting analysis, that several pages of the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon are in a different script than Joseph Smith's.

The author's conclusions do not support Mormon positions. However, the pastor who reads this book will undoubtedly understand a bit more clearly what Mormonism is all about. A glossary of unfamiliar terms and an annotated bibliography conclude the book.

E. W. Voyles


Ellen G. White, two volumes, Southern Publishing Association, Nashville, Tennessee 37210, 1977, hardback (CHL), $4.95 each; softback (Shield Series), $3.75 each; study guide, $.75; a special paperback set plus study guide, $4.95.

I well remember the late Pastor A. H. Piper once saying, when I was in college, that he wished that some scholar would collect and publish all that Ellen White had said on the subject of psychology. I remember thinking at the time that that would be quite a task, and so it has proved. However, some nameless, faceless geniuses (it is surely not the work of one lonely researcher) have tackled the task, under, the auspices of the Ellen G. White Estate, and have come up with what can only be described as "a blockbuster in two volumes."

The foreword of this collection of statements begins with these words: "In Ellen G. White's lifetime (1827-1915) psychology, the science which treats of the mind and its powers and functions, was in its infancy. Yet there emerges throughout her writings a distinctive philosophy in which guidelines in this science and to mental health are clearly portrayed." Right! And you name me a notable psychologist of, say, eighty years ago whose works are still in vogue today. Yet these writings are fresh and lively, and sound and scriptural.

Incidentally, for those who wish to make a thorough study of these books, a study guide has been prepared, and this will help the serious student as he endeavors to work his way methodically through the contents. However, the study guide is not essential for the general reader.

Robert H. Parr

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Monthly book reviews by various authors.

October 1979

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