Sanctuary Review Committee

Roy Adams: Th.D. Student, AU Inter-American Division

A. A. Alalade: M.Div. Student, AU Adv. Sem. of W. Africa

Earl W. Amundson: President Atlantic Union Conference

R. A. Anderson: Ret. Sec., Min. Assn. Member, Daniel Committee

Neils-Erik Andreason: Prof, of Old Testament Assoc. Dean, LLU

J. J. Battistone: Pastor Fletcher, N.C.

Ivan T. Blazen: Assoc. Prof, of NT. & Bib. Theol. SDA Theol. Sem., AU

W. D. Blehm: President Pacific Union Conference

T. H. Blincoe: Prof, of Theology, Dean, SDA Theol. Sem., AU

L. L. Bock: Vice-President General Conference

C. E. Bradford: Vice-President for NAD General Conference

* C. D. Brooks: Gen. Field Sec. General Conference

George W. Brown: President Inter-American Division

John C. Brunt: Assoc. Prof, of Theology Walla Walla College

L. L. Butler: Treasurer General Conference

Robert H. Carter: President Lake Union Conference

J. W. Cassell: President Pacific Union College

G. J. Christo: President Southern Asia Division

W. T. Clark: President Far Eastern Division

W. O. Coe: President Columbia Union Conf.

Richard Coffen: Book Editor, Review & Herald Pub. Assn.

Raymond Cottrell: Ret. Book Editor, R & H Member, Daniel Committee

J. J. C. Cox: Prof, of New Testament SDA Theol. Sem., AU

Gerard Damsteegt: Pastor Fairfax, Va.

R. Dean Davis: Assoc. Prof, of Religion Atlantic Union College

Raoul F. Dederen: Prof, of Hist. Theol. SDA Theol. Sem., AU

H. E. Douglass: Book Editor Pacific Press Pub. Assn.

A. N. Duffy: Min. Secretary Australasian Division

Atilio Dupertuis: Student, AU Montemorelos University

Wilson Endruveit Dean: Brazil College

W. Duncan Eva: Ret. Vice-President General Conference

Wadie Farag: Evangelist Alberta Conference

Richard Fearing: President N. Pacific Union

A. J. Ferch: Chairman, Theol. Dept. Avondale College

*R. R. Figuhr: Ret. President General Conference

Philip Follett: President N. California Conference

John M. Fowler: Editor, Oriental Watch man Pub. House Southern Asia Division

John W. Fowler: President Ohio Conference

C. O. Franz: Ret. Secretary General Conference

Erwin Gane: Prof, of Religion Pacific Union College

Lawrence T. Geraty: Assoc. Prof, of Arch. & Hist, of Antiq. SDA Theol. Sem., AU

A. Edwin Gibb: Undersecretary General Conference

D. P. Gullon: Director, Sch. of Theology River Plate College

Fritz Guy: Prof, of Theology Assoc. Dean, SDA Theol. Sem., AU

W. J. Hackett: Ret. Vice-President General Conference *

Madelynn Haldeman: Th.D. Student, AU Loma Linda University

Bert Haloviak: Asst. Director, General Conference Archives

Richard Hammill: Ret. Vice-President, GC Member, Daniel Committee

F. E. J. Harder: Ret. Exec. Sec. Bd. of Higher Ed., GC

Leslie Hardinge: Dean, Theol. Seminary Far Eastern Division

Gerhard Hasel Prof, of OT. & Bib. Theol. Asst. Dean, SDA Theol. Sem., AU

J. Heinz: Student, AU Marienhoehe Seminary

C. D. Henri: Ret. Vice-President General Conference

Edward Heppenstall: Prof, of Theol. & Christian Phil., Emeritus, AU

Charles B. Hirsch: Director, Ed. Dept. General Conference

Frank Holbrook: Prof, of Religion Southern Missionary Col.

Kenneth J. Holland: Editor, These Times

Gordon Hyde: Assoc. Director Sabbath School Dept., GC

Salim Japas: Prof, of Theol. Antillian College Inter-American Division

William G. Johnsson: Assoc. Ed., Adventist Review

* A. S. Jorgensen: Field Secretary Australasian Division

C. D. Judd: President Trans-Australian Union Australasian Division

Herbert Kiesler: Prof, of Religion Canadian Union College

R. J. Kloosterhuis: President New Africa Division

H. K. LaRondelle: Prof, of Theol. SDA Theol. Sem., AU

B. E. Leach: President Southwestern Union Conf.

W. R. Lesher: Director, Bib. Research Inst. General Conference

Alf Lohne: Vice-President General Conference

James Londis: Pastor, Sligo Church Takoma Park, Md.

* H. W. Lowe: Ret. Sec. of Biblical Re search Com. Member, Daniel Committee

Edwin Ludescher: President Euro-Africa Division

Johannes Mager: Student, AU Friedensau Seminary

E. L. Marley: President Northern Union Conference

A. C. McClure: President Southern Union Conference

Merle Mills: Director of Personnel General Conference

K. J. Mittleider: President Trans-Africa Division

A. Leroy Moore: Coord. of Native American Indian Affairs North American Division

William G. C. Murdoch: Dean, Emeritus, SDA Theol. Sem., AU Member, Daniel Committee

W. L. Murrill: Undertreasurer General Conference

Senzo Nagakubo: President Japan Missionary College

Beatrice M. Neall: Asst. Prof, of Religion Union College

* M. S. Nigri: Ret. Vice-President General Conference

R. L. Odom: Ret. Editor, PPPA Member, Daniel Committee

* Enoch Oliveira: Vice-President General Conference

V. N. Olsen: President Loma Linda University

R. W. Olson: Secretary Ellen G. White Estate, GC

L. R. Palmer: President Allegheny East Conference

K. S. Parmenter: President Australasian Division

* Oster H. Paul: Pastor, Mt. Sinai Church Orlando, Fla.

Jan Paulsen: Secretary N. Europe-W. Africa Div.

Elbio Pereyra: Assoc. Secretary Ellen G. White Estate, GC

* R. H. Pierson: Ret. President General Conference

Jack W. Provonsha: Prof, of Phil, of Rel. & Christian Ethics, LLU

* E. S. Reile: President Central Union Conference

L. L. Reile: President Canadian Union Conf.

C. B. Rock: President Oakwood College

Alfonso P. Roda: President Philippine Union College

A. P. Salom: Pastor, Wahroonga Church Australia

Joel Sarli: Th.D. Student, AU Brazil College

Walter R. L. Scragg: President N. Europe-W. Africa Div.

William H. Shea: Assoc. Prof, of OT SDA Theol. Sem., AU

J. G. Smoot: President Andrews University

J. R. Spangler: Sec., Ministerial-Steward ship Assn. General Conference

* Georges Steveny: President French Swiss Conf.

Kenneth A. Strand: Prof, of Church History SDA Theol. Sem., AU F.

G. Thomas: Secretary Afro-Mideast Division

G. Ralph Thompson: Secretary General Conference

Merwin Thurber: Ret. Book Editor, R & H Member, Daniel Committee

A. H. Tolhurst: President N. New South Wales Conf.

M. C. Torkelsen: Vice-President General Conference

K. G. Vaz: Min. Assn. Secretary West Indies Union Conf.

Mario Veloso: Dean-Elect. Theol. Sem. South American Division

Fred Veltman: Prof, of Religion Pacific Union College

Louis Venden: Pastor, University Church Loma Linda, Calif.

Kenneth L. Vine: Dean, Div. of Religion Loma Linda University

Mervyn A. Warren: Academic Dean Oakwood College

F. W. Wernick: Vice-President General Conference

Arthur L. White: Ret. Secretary Ellen G. White Estate, GC

Neal C. Wilson: President General Conference

Joao Wolff: President South American Division

Kenneth H. Wood: Editor, Adventist Review F.

Donald Yost: Director Archives & Statis. General Conference

Norman H. Young: Prof, of Theology Avondale College

Robert M. Zamora: Assoc. Prof, of Religion Columbia Union College

Jean Zurcher: Secretary Euro-Africa Division


*Unable to attend

Steering Committee PREXAD

Guidance Committee

(The 14 men who worked with Dr. Ford during the preparation of his document.)

Richard Hammill, Chair man

W. R. Lesher, Secretary

T. H. Blincoe

J. J. C. Cox

Gerard Damsteegt

W. D. Eva

Fritz Guy

Gerhard Hasel

W. G. Johnsson Robert Olson

J. R. Spangler

Kenneth Strand

Fred Veltman

Don Yost


Response Committee

(Consensus statement, ten-point document)

J. R. Spangler, Chairman

Raoul Dederen

H. E. Douglass

A. J. Ferch

James Londis

Norman Young

Screening Committee

G. R. Thompson, Chairman

F. E. J. Harder

J. Heinz

W. R. Lesher

Robert Olson

K. S. Parmenter

Jack Provonsha

Mario Veloso

L. D. Venden


Chairmen, cochairmen, and secretaries of the seven sub committees:

(1) L. L. Bock

Alf Lohne

Erwin Gane

(2) C. E. Bradford

Merle Mills

Kenneth Strand

(3) W. Duncan Eva

Leslie Hardinge

Gerhard Hasel

(4) W. J. Hackett

Edwin Ludescher

*H. E. Douglass

L. T. Geraty

(5) Richard Hammill

Charles B. Hirsch

Fritz Guy

(6) M. C. Torkelsen

J. R. Spangler

*W. G. Johnsson

John Brunt

(7) F. W. Wernick

C. D. Henri

W. R. L. Scragg

*Two group secretaries were replaced because of the press of other responsibilities.

Drafting Committee for "Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary"

(Subcommittee of screening committee)

W. D. Eva

Fritz Guy

W. G. Johnsson

W. R. Lesher

Drafting Committee for Ellen G. White Statement

(Subcommittee of screening committee)

F. E. J. Harder, Chairman

Gerhard Hasel, Secretary

Erwin Gane

Robert Olson

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October 1980

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