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December 1980


Editorial: What Can Glacier View Teach Us

The editor reflects on our tendency to rely on the teachings of man, rather than letting the Holy Spirit guide us into truth.


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Monthly book reviews

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A Physician's Prayer

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I took H.E.A.R.T.

A well-known church leader reports on three weeks at St. Helena that changed his way of life.

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The Bible Tells Me So

The personal account of a housewife-turned-pilgrim and her progress from the City of Self-sufficiency to the Land of True Understanding.

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Was Moses Wrong?

Do hares really chew the cud? Do camels have cloven hoofs? Or did the author of Leviticus make some serious scientific misstatements?

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Touching the little people

A sizable portion of your congregation uses the church service to read Sabbath school papers, draw, play with felts, or fidget. An effective story can make worship something they look forward to.

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El Salvador is still making history

In the first quarter of this year, 1,823 persons were baptized in this small country, despite political and social unrest.

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Three landscapes of mission

Scenes from ancient Israel and twentieth-century England coalesce into a third painting with certain familiar features that cause a sense of uneasiness.

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Contradiction or divine paradox?

When seen through human logic, the atonement and Christian perfection seem to present insoluble contradictions; the eye of faith, however, discerns a divine paradox that results in a deeper understanding.

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Noah, Moses, Adventists, and feasibility studies

When faith has stopped to consider the chances of success, tragedy has often resulted.

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Lake Union Soul-Winning Institute

MINISTRY editor J.R. Spangler interviews Mark Finley, director, on an exciting concept of large-city evangelism that includes team training and an integrated, three-pronged approach.

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