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October 1981


Recommended Reading

The writings of Donald McGavran, prominent church growth leader, hold significance for every evangelistic pastor. MINISTRY notes a recent volume arid also various titles by denominational publishers.

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Shepherdess: Ministers and their wives

Even some ministers continue to assume that the pastor and his family are above the problems that beset "lesser" mortals. A noted counselor says we should forget such nonsense and deal with life as others must.

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Seven simple suggestions

Can eating between meals be as harmful as smoking? Can insufficient sleep or being overweight shorten life as much as a lack of vigorous exercise? A nine-year study of more than 6,000 adults says Yes!

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What's so unique about Adventism?

Seventh-day Adventists have always seen themselves as a divinely called movement charged with restoring a comprehensive system of truth to the world prior to the return of Christ as Lord. Is this exclusivism?

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If I were a pastor

As a pastor, you have two congregations——the one you see in the pews each Sabbath and the one that is meeting on the golf course, in the park, and a hundred other locations all over town. This larger congregation needs your ministry too.

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The year-day principle in prophecy

After widespread acceptance for many years, the principle that a day in symbolic time prophecies of Scripture represents a year of literal time is being questioned. Is there internal evidence within such time prophecies themselves, apart from the traditional proof texts, to support the validity of such a symbolism? Can a literal interpretation of days fit the prophetic viewpoint?

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Divine key to a finished work

We have looked in many places for that which will finish the work, but perhaps we have looked in the wrong places. It seems so much easier for the human heart to look to methods rather than to a message.

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Ellen White's role in doctrine formation

Is the revelation and inspiration of both the Bible and the writings of Mrs. White of equal quality? Can we make a distinction between the "normative" authority of Scripture and the "formative" authority of Mrs. White's writings in our church?

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How does God speak?

Inspired writings are a mysterious blend of the human and the divine. We must speak with caution when we describe their nature, not going beyond what is revealed or seeking to reduce the divine to the confines of our logic.

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