Shepherdess: Reading for winter evenings

Start the new year with a good book! Whether you've been wanting to learn some new vegetarian recipes, find a gift book for a special friend, or delve into Romans, there's something here for everyone.

Although for years MINISTRY has devoted two or three pages to an inspirational or practical article for the minister's wife, rarely have we mentioned books that might be of interest to this important segment of our readership. While we realize that many women read with interest the Recommended Reading section of the magazine, we wanted to provide a survey of recently published books which pertain more directly to them. The resulting list should have something for everyone. And there's enough here for many long winter evenings. I hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoyed compiling the list. Happy reading!


Cooking with Love and Cereal. Betty McMichael with Karen McDonald, Christian Herald Books, Chappaqua, New York, 1981, 224 pages, $9.95.

In some cultures grandparents are assigned primary care of children. Although this is not the case in America, grandparents still have opportunities to influence grandchildren. Doing things together is one of these ways, and what better place to do things together than in the kitchen! The author and her granddaughter worked together to bring you this special collection of recipes for grandparents and grandchildren—all using breakfast cereal. Of course parents and children will also have fun with this delightful collection. Interspersed among the recipes are little gems of wisdom that will provide food for thought.

From God's Natural Storehouse Yvonne Baker, David C. Cook, Elgin, Illinois 1980, 185 pages, $4.95.

Not only does this book present a Christian view of eating, but it provides recipes for gradually introducing the family to the joys of natural foods.

It's Your World Vegetarian Cookbook Fern Calkins, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C., 1981, 304 pages, $9.95, wire binding. Although it has over 500 recipes utilizing natural foods as well as meat analogs, this isn't just a collection of recipes! It includes nutritional counts for each recipe, plus charts, nutritional tables, and other explanatory material—making it a valuable source of information on vegetarian cookery.


Adventures in Solitude Lois Erickson, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington D.C., 1981, 30 pages, $.95.

This delightful little book encourages you to take "time out" and spend some time catching your breath in life—just as small children can call "King's X" and stop to tie a shoe during a game of tag. You'll be refreshed and encouraged to find your own time for quietness and solitude.

Intimate Portraits of Women in the Bible Lee Roddy, Christian Herald Books, Chappaqua, New York, 1980, 268 pages, $9.95.

This book contains short portraits of women in both the Old and New Testaments. The author's attention to back ground and historical setting makes the book valuable for reference as well as inspirational reading. Written from an evangelical perspective, it is a study of Bible women that relates the lessons of their lives to women of today.

The Wise Woman Joyce Rogers, Broadman Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1981, $6.95. 

Women and the Word of God Susan T. Foh, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, 1981, $6.95, paper.


Building Little Christians Alice Lowe, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C., 1981, 208 pages, $8.95, paper.

Drawing on her many years of working with small children in the Sabbath school and studying child development, the author presents valuable insights for parents and Sabbath school leaders and teachers in guiding the moral development of children.

Channels Worth Watching: A Parents' Guide to Character Development in Children Madeline Steele Johnston, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washing ton, D.C., 1981, 64 pages, $.95.

Our five senses—the pathways to the soul—need to be guarded constantly against invasion. It is the responsibility of parents to guard these avenues and to teach children to guard them for them selves. This little book discusses each of the five senses and how parents can use these in character development.

Footprints: Walking Through the Passages of Life Howard and Jeanne Hendricks, Multnomah Press, Portland Oregon, 1981, 96 pages, $8.95, paper.

Walk with the authors through their past as they reminisce about the early days of their marriage, their experiences as family managers, and the challenges they faced after their children left home. Laugh with them, cry with them, grow with them, as they recount God's leading in their lives.

Moral and Spiritual Development for the Young Child Doris Haver Rouse and C. Sybil Waldrop, Broadman Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1981, $7.95.

Raising Other People's Kids: Successful Child-rearing in the Restructured Family Evelyn H. Felker, Eerdmans, Grand Rap ids, Michigan, 1981, 164 pages, $4.95.

If anyone in your church is faced with the problem of raising stepchildren, you might want to recommend this book to them. It offers a frank and positive look at the challenges faced by stepparents and will provide valuable insights to teachers and counselors as well.

When Teen-agers Cry Help! Roger Dudley, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C., 1981, 128 pages, $5.95, paper.

Counseling is something many teen-agers need, but it sounds like a job for a professional. Not so, says the author. Most counseling of young people has to do with just listening and helping the young person arrive at his own conclusions. The author lists some of teen-agers' most common problems and illustrates with interesting case histories.

Gift Books

For Those Who Hurt Chuck Swindoll, Multnomah Press, Port land, Oregon, 1981, $3.95.

Meditations for the Expectant Mother Helen Good Brenneman, Herald Press, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 1981, 80 pages, $3.50, oversize gift paperback; $4.95, deluxe edition.

Meditations for the New Mother Helen Good Brenneman, Herald Press, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 1981, $3.50, oversize gift paperback; $4.95, deluxe edition.

Meditations for the Newly Married John M. Drescher, Herald Press, Scott dale, Pennsylvania, 1981, $7.95.

Who Can I Turn To? Reflections from the Valley of the Shadow of Death Paul Johnson and Larry Richards, Multnomah Press, Portland, Oregon, 1981, $2.50, paper.

Interpersonal Relationships

Beloved Unbeliever: Loving Your Husband Into the Faith Jo Berry, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1981, 167 pages, $4.95.

Many Christian women face the heart breaking situation of being married to an unbeliever with whom they cannot share their deepest spiritual concerns, and some times even a life-style. These spiritually isolated women need help and encouragement. Jo Berry has provided just that kind of help. The workshop sections of the book make it valuable for personal study or for group use.

Forgive, Forget and Be Free Jeanette Lockerbie, Christian Herald Books, Chappaqua, New York, 1981, 148 pages, $7.95.

If we do not make the choice to forgive, we clog our emotional machinery. But according to the author, although forgiveness may be hard, with the Lord's help it is possible. In this book you will find illustrations that will probably parallel your own, and you will discover that forgiveness is worth the price.

Caring Enough to Forgive/Caring Enough Not to Forgive David Augsburger, Herald Press, Scott dale, Pennsylvania, 1981, $4.95.


Sex Begins in the Kitchen: Renewing Emotional and Physical Intimacy in Marriage Kevin Lemmon, Regal Books, Glendale, California, 1981, $8.95.

Strike the Original Match: Rekindling and Preserving Your Marriage Fire Charles R. Swindoll, Multnomah Press, Portland, Oregon, 1980, 198 pages, $7.95 hardback; $4.95 paperback; couple's guide, $2.95, paper.

God's design for married couples is drawn from the Scriptures, enabling this book to fill the gap created by the scarcity of Biblical books on marriage. The author shares insights from his own marriage, along with proven principles, and calls for a fresh look at God's original blueprint for home and marriage. The study guide can be used by individuals or in groups.

You and Your Husband's Mid-Life Crisis Sally Conway, David C. Cook, Elgin, Illinois, 1981, $4.95.

The author, wife of Jim Conway, who wrote Men in Mid-Life Crisis, draws on her own experience, plus extensive research, to bring help and encouragement to women whose husbands are going through this difficult period.

Study Groups

An Ever-Widening Circle: A Workable Plan for Women's Bible Studies Naomi Wright, Multnomah Press, Port land, Oregon, 1978, 175 pages, $3.95 paper.

Although published several years ago, this book provides the kind of practical help many pastors' wives may be looking for. The author tells the story of the successful Chris-Town Women's Bible Study begun by the author and a neighbor in Phoenix, Arizona, and describes how you can start a similar study group.

Keys to Successful Bible Study John R, Martin, Herald Press, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, 1981, $5.95, paper.

A Woman's Workshop on Romans Carolyn Nystrom, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1981, Leader's Manual, 128 pages, $1.95; Student's Manual, 128 pages, $2.95.

These latest volumes in the Women's Workshop series provides an opportunity for women to delve step by step into the often frightening depths of Paul's letter to the Romans. The student's manual provides discussion points and application principles. The leader's manual provides back-up material for guiding the students. Other titles in the series include: Behold Your God, A Woman's Workshop on the Attributes of God; A Woman's Workshop on Faith; A Woman's Workshop on Proverbs; A Woman's Workshop on Bible Marriages; and A Woman's Workshop on James.

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