Grief Recovery—1

Larry Yeagley begins here a three-part series of articles describing Grief Recovery——a proven support program to help individuals deal on a very practical level with their loss.

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After death: resurrection or immortality?

Scripture answers the age-old question of what happens after death by pointing to Jesus. He is our example in this as in all things. Much current Christian thought on this subject is an attempt to combine Greek ideas of an immortal soul with Scripture's emphasis on resurrection.

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A man sent from God

As in times of old, God still chooses the most unlikely candidates for His ministry. Today there is a place in God's army for all kinds of men——the poor and the rich, the educated and the uneducated, the gifted and the average.

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Anniversary date for Adventism

The church of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is faced with a problem: How does it account for the apparent delay of Christ's second advent? More than one hundred years ago a small group came up with an answer that still merits a close look.

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What lies ahead for the church?

Why is it that the Christian book market has moved from theological debate and social concern to autobiographical faith statements? Why is it that celebrities such as Pat Boone, Anita Bryant, Terry Bradshaw, and Johnny Cash have replaced the great minds of our theological schools as spokesmen on the Christian faith?

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Jesus: God's Supreme Revelation

While we often think of Christ as a priest or king, we do not usually picture Him in the role of prophet. Josephus considered Daniel to be "the greatest of all the prophets," but Josephus was wrong. Christ is "the greatest of all the prophets"!

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