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March 1985


Editorial: Ordination of Women

Will the Church allow the ordination of women issue, regardless of the decision, to disrupt its divine mission?


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Monthly Book Reviews.

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Don't pity me

It is sometimes nice to know you re not alone in your problems.

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Outward structure, inward faith

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Cooperation or confrontation?

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Should our church ordain women? No

Seton notes that God created men and women equal but gave them different roles. Scripture consistently presents a male priesthood and ministry, while welcoming women s contributions to the church through other forms of service.

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Should our church ordain women? Yes

Eva begins by comparing the hermeneutics of those who support and those who object to women's ordination to the ministry. Then he argues for women's ordination on the basis of the larger Biblical picture, discussing also the texts that seem to point against it.

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Unacceptable gifts

The methods you use to assure adequate income for your church will depend on whether you want a quick fix or a sustained outpouring of benevolence. In this third in our series on Christian finance, Mel Rees points out the problems with the former, and points toward principles for achieving the latter.

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How to buy a church computer

The computer age has arrived. Some churches have jumped in with both feet, only to find the water deeper than they thought. Others are still waiting on the shore. How can you decide whether or not your church needs a computer? And how can you select the right hardware and software? You'II find good answers here.

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The Ten Commandments: are they still valid?

By reason of the authority of Christ, the Ten Commandments are as valid for the people of God today as when they were first given.

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