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May 1985


How's your prayer life?

If you ever find yourself hurrying through life without taking time to draw strength from the Lord, you're not alone. If you need encouragement to stop and take the time you need, you'll find it here.

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Recommended Reading

Monthly book reviews by various authors

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Is there a higher goal than baptisms?

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Summer ministry

Is summer a dead time in your church? Are your children s departments dying out? Are you looking for ways to fill community needs? This article suggests a possibility you might find helpful.

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How bad must it get?

Does Satan get more attention than God when you preach eschatology? Is Jesus waiting and hoping for things to get worse so Hell have an excuse to return? Should Christians start wars and promote famines?

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McGavran on Adventist church growth

Dr. Donald McGavran is widely regarded as the founder of the modern Church Growth movement. Stan Hudson, a D. Min. candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary, interviewed McGavran about how the Seventh-day Adventist Church fits into this movement, and what we can learn from it. McGavran s comments will prove interesting and valuable to clergy of all faiths.

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The Ten Commandments: are they still valid? Part II

Where does obedience to law fit in the Christian life? Is it not adequate to be led by the Holy Spirit? Or has God made an eternal provision for our guidance in the Ten Commandments?

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Motivation in giving

How can we motivate people to be willing givers? Or is that the prerogative of the Holy Spirit only? Are some of the motivations we use geared more for the business world than the church? The author suggests that willing givers are what God is really looking for.

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The rise and progress of Adventist blacks

A recently published book about the work of black people in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church provides inspirational reading. MINISTRY'S editor shares the excitement.

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Christian Sabbath: New Testament evidence

With this article we begin a four-part series on the Sabbath in the New Testament. Seventh-day Adventists consider the Sabbath an important part of New Testament teaching. The series reviews prevailing viewpoints, looks at evidence for the permanence of the Sabbath, and delves into Paul's attitude toward the law in general and the Sabbath in particular. We're presenting our views here. We'd like to know yours, too. Write and tell us what you think.

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  How to start a radio ministry

A radiobroadcast can greatly expand your audience both inside and outside the sanctuary. But how do you go about getting started? And what should you really try to accomplish?


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