Monthly book reviews by various authors

The Myth of the Greener Grass

J. Allan Petersen, Tyndale House, 1983, 216 pages, $5.95. Reviewed by Lyndon K. McDowell, pastor, Pennsylvania Avenue Seventh-day Adventist church, Washington, D.C.

This book needed to be written. We live in a society so saturated with romanticized sex that even conservative Christians too easily become con fused. This book seeks to demythologize extramarital sex and the author succeeds eminently.

In a very practical way, with illuminating illustrations taken from his years of counseling, the author deals with such subjects as why partners cheat, marriage myths and legends, the ever-present temptation, what to do after an affair has happened, how to think logically and constructively when faced with an affair, how to untangle the triangle, an anatomy of an affair, affair-proofing a marriage, and a marriage test for wives and husbands.

This is a must for every married couple and an imperative for every pastor. No one is immune, neither pulpit nor pew, from the myth of the greener grass.

A House Divided

Katherine Edwards, Zondervan, 1984, 152 pages, $4.95. Reviewed by Lyndon K. McDowell.

This book is a deeply intimate account of an incestuous family. The author stirs the reader's emotions from the opening paragraph to the closing invitation: "Some who read these pages will have a desire to correspond with me. Please, feel free to do so."

The book was not written without a struggle. To make the "innermost secrets of our family a matter of public scrutiny" was a difficult decision for the author, but all who read it will be benefited. Here the perpetrator of incest can read with shame the "over whelming sense of violation that invades every portion of the incest victim's being." Here the victim can find hope for healing and "freedom from the ghosts that would haunt" sleep. Here the pastor will learn to recognize, and respond to, the urgent cry for help. This book will grip your imagination, stir your emotions, and inform your mind about a subject that has suddenly exploded on the national consciousness.

One word of warning. Do not try to share the reading of this book with your spouse--you will quarrel for possession until the reading is done.

Recently Published

Walking in Wisdom: A Woman's Workshop on Ecclesiastes

Barbara Bush, Zondervan, 1982, 127 pages, $2.95, paper.

Written by a pastor's wife, this brings Ecclesiastes up to date by means of interesting study lessons accompanied by discussion questions.

The Messies Manual

Sandra Felton, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1983, 155 pages, $4.95, paper.

Another book written by a pastor's wife, it tells how one wife overcame twenty-three years of sloppy house keeping and as a result founded Messies Anonymous.

Dare to Discipline Yourself

Dale E. Galloway, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1983, 160 pages, $4-95, paper.

A Feast of Families

Virginia Stem Owens, Zondervan, 1983, 143 pages, $9.95.

An interesting mix of descriptive narratives about families--both Biblical and modern, including the author's own family.

What Jesus Said About . . . Morris L. Venden, Pacific Press, 1984, 137 pages, $4. 50.

The outgrowth of a study group's investigation of the Gospels in comparison with Ellen White's comments. Chapters include what Jesus said about justification, Himself, sanctification, perfection, the investigative judgment, devil possession, mismanagement of church funds, and the atonement.

Should I Keep My Baby?

Martha Zimmerman, Bethany House, 1983, 112 pages, $3.95.

Caringly written to help a teenager pregnant out of wedlock to make important decisions. Includes a list and map of crisis pregnancy centers.

Celebrate the Feasts. Martha Zimmerman, Bethany Fellowship, 1981, 186 pages, $4.95. A practical guide to the Old Testament feasts, how to celebrate them meaningfully in the church or home, and the meaning of the symbols. Includes instructions for making items needed for celebration.

Archaeological Commentary on the Bible.

Gonzalo Baez-Camargo, Doubleday, 1984, 288 pages, $17.95.

Organized as a commentary, but with emphasis on important archaeological discoveries that relate to each text covered. Invaluable tool for scholars and preachers alike because of its ease of use.

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Monthly book reviews by various authors

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