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September 1985


Editorial: AIDS, leprosy, and love

Leprosy no longer strikes fear into human hearts as it did in Jesus day. A new disease has taken its place. Do we have the courage and kindness of our Master?


Shepherdess: High-level Wellness

What does it mean to be really well? If you ever feel that you could use a bit more energy to face your daily tasks, perhaps what you need is high-level wellness.

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Is Genesis myth?

If there is a clash in interpretation between science and the Bible, which takes precedence?

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Will He find faith?

Five years ago our church began a study of secularism: how to reach secularists and how to deal with its impact on the church. MINISTRY'S editor reports on the work of the committee, drawing some conclusions from that study.

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"His rest shall be glorious"

One day you are going to retire! How do you relate to the pastor and the church when you are no longer the pastor? Inglish shows the pitfalls involved and tells the stories of a pastor who made it and one who failed.

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What's going on at 9:30?

''What can you do to transform your Sabbath school into a place of vital learning and growing? Help the teachers in all divisions to be more person-centered, more caring and sensitive to the hurts and felt needs of learners. ''

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The Biblical case for tithing

Was tithing only for Old Testament times, or does it still apply today?

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Paul and the law

Paul's apparently contradictory statements about the law can be explained by distinguishing between his moral and soteriological usages of the law in his writings. He rejected the law as a method of salvation but upheld it as, a moral standard of Christian conduct.

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The Call

How do you decide whether or not to accept a call to a different pastorate? A young minister shares the story of two calls he turned down and one he accepted. This article will stimulate your thinking concerning the criteria that help identify a genuine call from the Lord.

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