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October 1985


Editorial: Is our church putting first things first?

Our church has become a large enterprise. Is the commitment of the church's employees to its mission based primarily on material or spiritual values? Does the church need an annual priority audit?


When the pastor's wife rebels

Do pastors' wives ever rebel? The author says most do at some time during their pastoral pilgrimage. She identifies six causes for this rebellion and suggests how each may be handled.

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Recommended Reading

Monthly book reviews by various authors

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Invitation to terror

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Who ministers to the minister?

For several reasons, ministering to ministers is difficult. The author suggests two sources of help for ministers. One is available now, and the other he would like to see our church and hospital system cooperate to establish.

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Ordination of women: a question of status or function?

Is the issue of women s ordination sociological or theological? Are women being denied certain privileges simply to keep them "in their place"?

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Enlarge your church through Sabbath school

The pastor who begins to view Sabbath school as an important part of his church's ministry will have discovered a powerful soul-winning and spirit-building tool Discover how to vitalize your church through the Sabbath school

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Administering church money

A budget is essential to a well-run church. And financing most local needs through one offering item makes life easier for both church leaders and members. Here's a simple way to set up and operate a combined budget program.

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Twisting their tales

In many ways Jesus' parables resembled those of the rabbis. But His contained significant differences, also. In fact, the differences help explain why they wanted Him crucified.

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Ohio changes system

What happens when a conference changes its departmental system? Is the church ready for another 1901 reorganization? Ohio is experimenting with innovative ways to complete the work God has given it.

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Helping people work together

How do people work together in today's technological society? More specifically how can church leaders and lay leaders combine their efforts so as to be productive rather than disruptive?

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