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December 1985


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Monthly book reviews on various topics

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Sphere of influence

Does everyone in your sphere of influence know of the Saviour who came to live and die for us? Pray that God will lead you to the ones who need to know.

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Ministry Reports: Annual Council—1985

Are you "down on" what you are not "up on"? What every minister should know about decision-making in the church. Ninety-one percent of the world budget is by faith alone!

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Women for Christ

One special feature of the 1 985 General Conference session was the women's meetings, planned and directed by Shepherdess International

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Ministry Reports: 1985 General Conference session

The 1980 General Conference session gave us the twenty-seven Statements of Belief. This years session marked a major change in the departmental structure of the church and saw the beginning of Harvest '90.

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Ministry Reports: 1985 World Ministers Council

The ministerial presession to the 1985 General Conference was the best attended ever. Although it required an enormous amount of preparation, the plenary sessions and seminars enriched all who attended.

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Church Growth: catalyst or method?

Church Growth is not just another way of saying "evangelism." Properly understood, the term includes research, planning, strategy, and a coordinated thrust at discipling those inside and outside the church Here are practical suggestions on how you can apply Church Growth in your congregation.

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The long campaign

Is it really possible to draw a crowd several nights a week for six or seven weeks? Even in the city? Results of two recent campaigns indicate that it is both possible and profitable to try.

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Controlling your paycheck

Following four basic principles of personal finance will help free you from financial concerns so you can direct your energies elsewhere. Here also are a simplified budgeting plan and practical suggestions as to how you can save money.

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