Mission or moonlighting?

This study shows that the pay of Adventist ministers is decreasing while their expenses are increasing. Could this explain why it seems that more ministers are moonlighting?

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Growth and the small-town church

Is it possible for a church to grow in a small town where die people already know as much as they want to know about the church? How can you turn the small-town handicap into church growth?

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Working with a guest evangelist

A pastor's perspective on evangelism and cooperating with a guest evangelist

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From the evangelist's viewpoint

An evangelist's perspective on the pastor's role in an evangelistic series.

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Bible instructors: key to personal ministry

Would you like to see interests followed up more thoroughly in your district? Could you use some help in training lay members for outreach? A professional Bible instructor could help!

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Within which veil?

Hebrews 6:19, 20 says that Jesus entered within the veil as a forerunner on our behalf. But which veil?

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