To Your Health

Hans Diehl, The Quiet Hour, 630 Brookside Avenue, Redlands, California, 92373-4699, 1987, 210 pages, $7.95, paper.

Reviewed by Robert H. Pierson, retired president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

To Your Health could mean an extra $50,000 for your investment portfolio! Of course, author Dr. Hans Diehl makes no such excessive claim. He does, how ever, tell us how we can avoid expensive cardiovascular surgery.

This excellent book provides scientific, commonsense answers to questions people are asking about our most relent less killers: atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. It deals with the practical problems of why and how to, and where to start in relation to healthful living.

Dr. Diehl strongly supports prevention but goes beyond it. He offers well-documented dietary approaches designed to reverse the killer diseases and restore people to normal function. In simple language this gifted scientist, re searcher, clinician, and lecturer reveals how one can "eat more and live longer and better" by following a simplified dietary and exercise program.

Joseph Califano, former secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, said, "You can do more for your own health and well-being than any doctor, any hospital, any drugs, any exotic medical device." Dr. Diehl turns this sound philosophy into a prescription as he deals with such intriguing topics as "The Monkey Diet," "The Baseball Diet," "The 100-Year-Old Diet," and a host of other health-preserving suggestions. He succeeds in linking his health message with his Christian convictions in a most win some way.

Dr. Dennis Burkitt of fiber fame considers To Your Health "without doubt, one of the best books on diet and health published in America."

The book is a must for any minister who sees the results of culturally-conditioned, faulty eating patterns in parishioners with high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It is not only a good book to recommend, but can be a blessing to the pastor as well.

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Reviewed by Robert H. Pierson, retired president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

March 1988

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