God's fire in evangelism

Is our church on fire or lukewarm? What is the secret to rekindling the fire of God for evangelism?

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Establishing the date 457 B.C

The date 457 B.C., the base date for the prophecy that reaches to 1844, is firmly established in both Scripture and history

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From bitterness to reconciliation

What prompted one pastor to leave his church and form an independent ministry? Why did he ultimately decide to return to church employment?

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Conduct an annual church planning session

If your board is suffering from the church board blahs, an annual planning session can add new life to your meetings.

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Christ and the imprisoned spirits

How shall we understand the New Testament passages that weave in themes from Jewish legends? And what can understanding these passages teach us about how we should interpret other parts of the Bible?

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The mission of the minister's wife

Ten secrets of Christ's success in working with others.

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