High School Ministry

Mike Yaconelli and Jim Burns, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1987, 300 pages, $17.95, hardcover.

Reviewed by Lester Merklin, Jr., pastor, Blue Mountain Academy Seventhday Adventist Church, Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in "keeping the kids off the street," you may choose among many books that have been writ ten to suggest programs to keep them busy. If your desire is to attract them to a lifelong relationship with the Lord, skip those books and read this one! The authors have included activity ideas, but this book is much more than programs.

Yaconelli and Burns help the reader understand the world of the teenager. They did not just theorize; they analyzed the need and then defined some steps to make the gospel real for youth.

The authors also take a look at the youth minister and his or her ministry. It is a relief to hear that being a "Mr. Jock" is not essential to successfully leading kids to the Lord! Caring is the primary prerequisite for working with them.

Even the suggested activities are different from the usual, because the goals of the activities are clearly given. This section is appropriately titled "Creative Learning Strategies."

This will prove to be helpful material for teen ministry even though there is not much depth on some specifics such as counseling and creative program planning. But the authors have covered other areas well by being concise and practical.

We can learn from experienced youth missionaries like Yaconelli and Burns, and youth leaders will gain insights to help increase the effectiveness of the lo cal church in this vital area.

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Reviewed by Lester Merklin, Jr., pastor, Blue Mountain Academy Seventhday Adventist Church, Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

September 1988

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