By the staff of Ministry.

The 1988 Associated Church Press convention had ended, and many of the delegates were surprised. Why? Because among such periodicals as U. S. Catholic, The American Baptist, Sojourners, and Presbyterian Survey, a little-known youth magazine had taken home three first-place awardstops among all 170 entries.

What was this award-winning youth magazine? Insight, a weekly magazine produced for Seventh-day Adventist youth.

But that's not the real news here. The real news is that the publishers and editors of Insight have now produced a Christian nondenominational monthly magazine for all youth. It's called Insight Out.

Each Insight Out deals in depth with one topic important to today's youth. In discussing topics, the magazine brings together the best communicators availablewriters such as Ruth Senter, Becky Pippert, Tony Campolo, and Philip Yancey, along with vibrant art and fresh, compelling stories. While avoiding a sermonistic approach, Insight Out looks at questions from a balanced, Christian perspective, and it provides practical help.

Here's a sampling of topics covered in Insight Out:

  • MaturityWhat does it mean to be grown up?
  • Pictures of GodIs our picture ruining our relationship?
  • This Isn't Lying, Is It?How can we avoid our society's lying epidemic?
  • ForgivenessThe first step in being truly free.
  • That's Education!As Christians we should never neglect one of God's great gifts: our brains.
  • Youth to YouthRather than dealing with the symptoms of substance abuse, this program addresses the root of the problemlow self-worth.
  • MoneyHow much is too much?
  • Why Wait?A comprehensive treatment of Josh McDowell's response to the teen sexuality crisis.
  • I'm a Pretty Good PersonIsn't That Enough?The most common and deceptive form of religious comparison.
  • Jesus and His SurprisesA startling look at the Lord of surprise, and what He expects of us.

In simple, powerful style, avoiding cliches and denominational jargon, Insight Out is distinctive, and each issue brings award-winning quality to the tough issues facing youth today.

D.C. '88

Recently Insight Out was represented at the D.C. '88 Student Congress on Evangelism. Between talks by well-known speakers such as President and Mrs. Reagan, Joni Eareckson Tada, Pat Hurley, and Buster Soaries, many of the 8,000 youth in attendance stopped by the Insight Out display and sampled magazines. Each sample was placed under a question that youth might ask.

Responses to the magazines were varied. "Oh, I need this one," one teen girl said, laughing, as she picked up an issue on love and romance under the question "Is this love or is it hormones?"

"This looks interesting," another commented, taking the issue under the question "This isn't lying, is it?"

Other teens grabbed issues under "How can I be more creative?"; "Am I prejudiced?"; "Is God like I picture Him?"; and "Why aren't my prayers answered ?"

Many returned the next day to get more magazines and to sign up for subscriptions for themselves and friends. "This is great!" they said. "Where have you been ?" Pastors and youth leaders also echoed the youth in asking, "Why haven't we heard of you?"

Gradually word is spreading. Editor Christopher Blake reflects on the mission of the magazine: "If I were to choose one word to characterize Insight Out, it would be hope. Hope that life has meaning, hope that unconditional love exists, hope that true freedom is possible through God. Our young people are desperately searching for hope."

Insight Out, a new magazine of Christian understanding and response for youth, is now giving thousands that hope.

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By the staff of Ministry.

January 1989

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