Reviewed by Linda Gallimore, a pastor's wife in Lansing, Michigan.

Every married person will see some phase, past or present, of his or her marriage in this book. Harvey defines drifting as a failing relationship characterized by growing apart, emotional deadness, an absence of caring, and a preoccupation with keeping busy.

Harvey doesn't merely write about gloomy facts, but gives the causes of drifting. They include avoiding sensitive is sues, the cares of life, anger, and feelings of being pushed to extremes.

The last part of the book tells how Christian responsibility, love, and es teem can prevent a marriage from drifting. Harvey utilizes examples from his work as a marriage counselor to illustrate his points.

This is a beneficial book for clergy and counselors because it assists in spotting problem areas in troubled marriages, thus aiding in the speedier discovery of work able solutions.

If it were concise and written more in layperson's terms, this book could serve as a valuable guide for newlyweds.

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Reviewed by Linda Gallimore, a pastor's wife in Lansing, Michigan.

January 1989

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