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August 1989


Editorial: Sex, sin, and the Saviour


Editorial: Two, three, or seven?


The Senior Minister

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Equality of wages

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GC Committee votes large pay increase

Ministry Reports

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Pastor's Pastor: Ministerial internship: purposes and problems

Policy suggests that a conference should not accept internship money if it fails to provide supervision for its interns*

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Aim: A Saving Bridge

Our church's media ministries touch many people in your district. Adventist Information Ministry puts you in touch with those who are ready for your visit.

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Twelve ways to cherish your wife

Does your wife know that you cherish her? Here are a dozen suggestions for making it plain that you do.

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Reaching unreached people groups

While there are only 213 nations and areas in the world, there are more than 20,000 people groups. How can the church proclaim the gospel to all these groups?

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What shall we do about movies?

Do we really believe that where we watch what we watch is more important than what we watch?

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Book Review: The House Church


Book Review: Representing God in Washington: The Role of Religious Lobbies in the American Polity


Book Review: The Mystery of the Word


Book Review: Pleasing God




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