Preach the Word

Reviewed by Patrick Boyle, pastor, Watford, England.

This short volume concentrates on biblical preaching. If a preacher wants to do more than give a few talks and tell some stories, he will find practical help here.

I find the author committed to Scripture as inspired revelation from God to man. He believes that the lack of power, the appalling and pervasive ignorance of God, and the impoverished spirituality of Christendom have arisen as the inevitable consequence of neglecting the Word. He desires the minister to preach from God's Word in such a way that Christians will not just open the Bible, but will study it and allow its Author to change their lives.

This book offers practical and pithy guidance on all aspects of preaching —preparation, planning, and expositions from the Prophets, Psalms, and Epistles. It tells how to introduce, illustrate, and conclude. The excellent expositions of scriptural passages alone are worth the purchase of the book. The author includes an appendix that offers help for evaluating sermons.

This is a useful book that makes a clear statement—preaching God's Word will meet people's desperate needs. It is the minister's task to preach this saving message. "Modern man finds himself drifting in an ocean of uncertainty and meaninglessness. Barely afloat, he searches the distant line of the horizon in vain. No help is in sight. Everything is relative to everything else. He not only cannot find the truth; he has given up the search."

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Reviewed by Patrick Boyle, pastor, Watford, England.

September 1989

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