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By the Ministry staff

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Catholic Church but Were Afraid to Ask For Fear of Excommunication, Paul L. Williams and George A. Kelley, Doubleday Publishers, New York, 1989, 302 pages, $17.95, hardcover.

Two Catholic scholars take a candid view of their church and come up with some answers that will astonish Catholics and non-Catholics alike. More than 365 questions and answers give fascinating and controversial facts about Roman Catholic Church history and theology. Answers to questions concerning worldly power, an insane pope, finances, and even the canonization of Buddha as a saint make for interesting reading.

The Best of Ted Engstrom, Robert C. Larson, compiler, Here's Life Publishers, San Bernardino, California, 1988, 340 pages, $16.95, hardcover.

Most of our readers will know Ted Engstrom as a popular Christian management consultant, author, and conductor of Managing Your Time seminars. He is also president emeritus of World Vision International. In this book Larson brings together some of the writings of Engstrom that best exemplify his philosophy for excellence. Those educated in mod em management techniques may find the material too familiar and replete with truisms. But as Dale Carnegie showed us, old-fashioned common sense never goes out of style. The pastor in the field may be more easily challenged and motivated by Engstrom's biblically based wisdom than by sophisticated new manipulative styles of management.

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By the Ministry staff

February 1991

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