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August 1991


Editorial: Fewer pastors, more converts?

Statistics from a recent report seem to indicate that less pastoral supervision means more members drop out.


Editorial: God at work in us

God's grace is at work in the summoning and the enabling.


Ministry begins at home

The pastor's first work is in his own household.


Visitation: a dying art?

The divine-human encounter reveals why the home visit is still an essential part of pastoring.


Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines

The story of the church's abortion guidelines tells a lot about where we are in relation to abortion and why we're here.


The Christian view of human life

The uniqueness of each human being contributes to the richness of God's creation and warrants the indispensability of each individual.


Book Review: Disappointment With God


Book Review: Developing Faith in Young Adults


Book Review: The Blessing




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