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December 1991


Editorial: How candid should Ministry be?



Alden Thompson, Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1990, 332 pages, $15.95, hardcover.

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Potomac constituency votes abortion appeal

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The misunderstanding of the church

This article first appeared in the August 1980 issue of Ministry. We are reprinting it because administrators, pastors, and laity need to take heed of its message.

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Annual Council Report

A review of the 1991 Annual Council meeting in Perth, Australia.

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Should the pastor be ambitious?

Consider the two faces of ambition. What part should they play in a pastor's personality?

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Young adult ministry: let the baby-sitting cease

Do not panic if the young adults are disappearing from your church. Reclaim them in caring, innovative ways.

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Burn the chariots and lame the horses

Do our plans rely too much on human resource and too little on the power of God?

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How to stay at home and still earn money!

Are you a spouse who needs the money and yet can't go out to earn it? Consider the flexible option of working from your own living room.

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How to solve the budget dilemma

Stay out of debt and stretch your paycheck to the limit with the help of these strategies.

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Book Review: Real Prosperity-Biblical Principles of Material Possessions

Tackling the topic of materialism in Christian life.


Book Review: Inspiration

A second review of Alden Thompson's book.




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