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April 1992


Editorial: The goodness of guilt

Many Christians condemn guilt, considering it a needless assault upon their assurance of salvation.


Elders in the Trans-European Division

When local elders and pastors are equipped with adequate training and resources, the church benefits greatly.

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Dissident groups: the threat and the truth

The leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada offers important counsel beneficial to members around the world.

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Sending tithe to independent ministries

A Union president shares his views on independent ministries, tithes sent to them, the rumor mills, and how they affect the ministry of the church.

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Look and learn

How we change through observation learning

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Evangelism and the ecumenical movement

While there are pitfalls in the ecumenical understanding of evangelism, there are enriching dimensions as well.

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Investigative judgment: a scriptural concept

Investigative judgment does not threaten a believer's assurance, but enhances it.

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Adventist youth cry out!

Young people share their dreams and dilemmas for the church.

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Global Mission, my mission

Is our church growth flawed? Are we preaching the pure gospel? Should we revise the 27 fundamental beliefs?

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