Crisis of the End Time

An enlightening and spiritually enriching book.

Reviewed by Kenneth R. Wade, ministerial secretary, Southeast Asia Union Mission, Singapore, and former associate editor of Ministry.

Crisis of the End Time does not give a blow-by-blow prediction sheet for end-time events, nor does it present a guilt and- fear-inducing admonition to "get your act together or else." Moore writes from a human perspective about the worst crisis that human beings will ever endure. But instead of focusing on the terror of the crisis, he focuses on the power of the Saviour who will carry us through it. Instead of focusing on the sins that we must overcome in order to be ready to meet Jesus, he focuses on how to know Jesus better here and now.

My one disappointment with the book was that when Moore did deal with the topic of sin, he stayed mostly on a rather superficial level—coffee drinking, smoking, and other outward symptoms of in ward problems. When he deals with unconfessed sin, however, he shows excellent insight into the nature of sin, what it does to relationships, and how it must be handled.

Moore bases his writing on years of experience in presenting seminars on his topic, so he addresses the type of questions that people typically ask. He is not afraid to break new ground in predictions about the role of UFOs and extraterrestrials. He even writes about how the 144,000 will worship. He dares to pen the word "celebration" in the worship context, but I won't reveal which side of that controversy he lands on.

Moore shows good understanding of the issues that those who live through the end of time will have to face. This book is well worth reading. I found it enlightening and spiritually enriching.

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Reviewed by Kenneth R. Wade, ministerial secretary, Southeast Asia Union Mission, Singapore, and former associate editor of Ministry.

April 1993

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