Out of Every Tribe and Nation

Aid for those searching for help in cross-cultural understanding (and misunderstanding) of passages and doctrines of the Bible.

Reviewed by Desmond L. Francis, pastor, Seventhday Adventist Church, Mount Vernon, New York.

This volume originated in the work of the Roundtable of Ethnic Minority Theologians, a group of United Methodist scholars who met for more than four years.

This theological work attempts to interpret the Bible from the perspectives of various minority groups. The author and members of the Roundtable do not seek to create tension between groups. But they do make distinctions in interpreting biblical passages according to the frame of reference of various people groups. Bible stories are explained in the light of their research. Gonzales gives such examples as Moses and the Israelites moving from Egypt to Canaan, placing emphasis in the story on the position of master in opposition to that of the slave.

This timely book cannot be read lightly, but requires patience and much thought. The varied cultures represented at the Roundtable give the volume depth and enrichment. This is a valuable book that can aid in the cross-cultural under standing and misunderstanding of pas sages and doctrines of the Bible.

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Reviewed by Desmond L. Francis, pastor, Seventhday Adventist Church, Mount Vernon, New York.

May 1993

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