Reviewed by Mel H. M. Matinyi, a former evangelist, and a theology student at Solusi College, Zimbabwe, Africa, when he wrote this review.

Books that defend the validity of the Christian faith may be common, but not so easily read as this volume. Josh McDowell is one of the most prolific evangelical writers speaking to young adults today. Bill Wilson has taken pas sages from McDowell's writings that refer to apologetics and arranged them topically for easy reference.

The book opens with eight pages of personal testimony, then proceeds into its five sections: (1) the reliability of the Bible, (2) Jesus, His humanity and deity, (3) Christianity compared with other religions, (4) the most-asked questions about Christianity, and (5) the unique Christian experience.

Wilson subdivides each section into three or four parts. For example, in the section on Christianity and other religions we find non-Christian religions, secular religions, cults, and the occult. With 45 chapters, the book makes an excellent resource for pastors, Bible workers, and laypersons. Wilson documents his data, giving further references to compensate for brevity. He lists additional sources at the end of each chapter as well as in the appendix.

I highly recommend Wilson's work as an important book for anyone interested in the evidences for Christianity and its historical reference.

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Reviewed by Mel H. M. Matinyi, a former evangelist, and a theology student at Solusi College, Zimbabwe, Africa, when he wrote this review.

December 1993

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