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Workers' kids' retreat

Children and youth of workers' families in the Rocky Mountain Conference obviously enjoyed the New Year's Eve party at a retreat designed especially for them. Beyond having fun, participants dis cussed troubling questions such as "Why is God asking us to move again?" Because up to half of all Adventist workers' children in North America abandon Christ and the church, the Rocky Mountain Conference has deter mined to meet their spiritual, social, and emotional needs. After all, what shall it profit pastors if they win the whole world to Christ but lose the souls of their own children?

Hindu Evangelism

Baptismal candidates take their stand in the South Tamil Section of India. The campaign that led them to Christ culminated an eight-step pilot project designed and field-tested by the Centre for the Study of Hinduism. Workers first took door-to-door surveys to assess the needs of a particular village, then conducted stop-smoking and other community pro grams before holding gospel reaping meetings with more than 90 baptisms to date.

Hispanic church of young adults

Pastor Roger Hernandez of the Central church in Washington, D.C., introduces three new members to his congregation, recently spawned from the Capital Spanish church. More than 85 percent of Central church members are under the age of 35, and all seven church elders are under 40. Membership has nearly doubled in seven months. District senior pastor Pablo Perla reports a baptismal goal of 300 this year for the mother and daughter congregations.

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By the Ministry Staff

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