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November 1995


Editorial: Three affirmations

Three affirmations that define the uniqueness of the Adventist Church and its ministry.


Parsonage allowance alert

A legal alert concerning retired ministers

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Family violence: a Christian response

How to combine courage and compassion in dealing with family violence

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Healing for the divorced pastor

How can a pastor recover from the impact of divorce?

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Child sexual abuse in society and the church

The church needs to set a moral example in dealing with child abuse.

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Who will heal the little ones?

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Enthusiastic response in Samarkand

Ministry Reports

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When the problem is sexual sin...

A biblical model for counseling

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The perversion of intimacy

Sexuality is a spiritual act, not a biological one. It's a problem of not dealing with our drives but of sanctifying our hearts.

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The beautiful sin

A pastor's frank testimony of sexual temptation.

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Abuse: a sickness of us all

Abuse is more than physical: it is destroying the other's self-worth and dignity.

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Abuse: confidentiality, reporting, and the pastor's role

The church has a responsibility to cope with the problems of abuse.

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